Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Concise Email Marketing Tips And Strategies For Novices

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Email marketing tips and strategies are essential to make a mark in the business world. Anyone who thought that sending out mass emails on a regular basis translates to email marketing, needs to think again. Strategies have to be worked out in order to succeed in an email marketing venture. And we are here to tell you about you a few email marketing tips and strategies. In a world of strict spam laws, it can be quite difficult to start an email marketing venture. But our email marketing tips and strategies will guide and help you establish your business as one of substance.

Email Marketing Tips And Strategies To Start You Off

Double Opt-In: A customer must be given two chances to confirm their subscription to your mailing list. A double-opt in usually works in the following manner. The customer gives his email address on your website. He then has to click on a confirmation link sent in the first email by your company. This is a great email marketing tip or strategy....read more

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