Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Don’t Know About Email Marketing? Here Goes Then…

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This is a handy guide on email marketing. An introduction demystifying the concept, and an in-depth explanation on what it entails. Using electronic mail as a conduit, email marketing is the newest form of direct marketing. Any email marketing introduction feature would inform the reader that the motive of marketing through the facility of email is to inform the customers, whether old or new, about the various products and services. At the same time, email marketing tries to convince the customers to do business with the company. One big advantage of email marketing is that it can be used to forward emails to millions of people across the globe at the touch of a button. Thus, informing potential customers about products and services while establishing and maintaining the good-will of old customers is the basic purpose of email marketing.

Now that you have read the paragraph on email marketing-an introduction, let us focus on the uses of this mode of marketing. Used by millions of businesses across the world, email marketing is inexpensive, fast and cost-effective. It helps businesses reach hundreds of customers who might be located hundreds of miles apart, in a matter of a few seconds. Email marketing helps in brand positioning and enhances brand recall in the minds of consumers....read more

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