Tuesday, April 1, 2008

List Building - Is It Worth The Effort?

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The internet is a great place for building up hype, and list building seems just one such hyped up tool. Can list building really be so important for a business’s success? Is there any evidence available to support this claim? Do we just take the word of an internet guru and promote it as the ultimate truth? Do we easily get persuaded to believe that it is the next best thing? Do we just trust someone’s word or is there any logic to this madness? Are we equally to be blamed for this hype? Are we a willing party to it? Too many questions bother us when we decide to follow a certain line of action.

Unraveling The Mystery

Why don’t we do some spade work and verify these claims by unearthing the hard facts? Are we too lazy to do it? Do we get blindsided by the dream of building a passive income easily? Let us try and find the truth behind this myth of making money by list building? Let us first consider some of the things that we hear regularly.

A well run list has the potential of generating $1 /month for every contact on your list.
If you have a list of about 5000 members, you will earn a tidy sum every month.
If you have a list of 10,000 members or more, you will earn a hefty packet each month....read more

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