Monday, March 31, 2008

The Most Effective And Basic SEO Tools

The Most Effective And Basic SEO Tools
By Paul Majestyck

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Briefly put, SEO can be defined as all the techniques that are used to gain more notice and index for your site on all the important search engines like MSN, Yahoo or Google.

What is the importance of SEO?

The foremost way in which people locate websites is through search engines, so obtaining a higher ranking in your keywords (usually the first page or 1-10 in the engine) is an excellent way to pull traffic to your site. When you have a quality ranking, the investment is worth making, and it is a lot like "free" promotion 24/7/365.

What is the way of becoming SEO friendly?

I am not exaggerating when I say that the methods of SEO are literally countless. However, here let me share a few of the chief elements of making it to the top order.

Domain age - Search engines give a lot of preference to a seasoned site – a site that has been working for many years and has a beneficial output for the browsers.

Clean, relevant, new content - You need to ensure that the content of your site is always fresh and is regularly updated. Both the search engines and your visitors will like the novelty.

No Flash - It is a wonderful multimedia device but Flash is generally not favored for SEO, the text and content within the Flash piece cannot be identified by search engines, and hence it cannot be utilized into your SEO progress. A major fault is possessing a flash introduction, because a flash introduction page stands as an obstacle between the main page and the remaining content that lies inside your site.

Meta tags - Meta tags are nothing but invisible tags that are implemented by search engines to categorize your site content.

Heading tags - Heading tags (h1) should be put on the headline or most essential and relevant element of your page. These tags also need to be written on the keywords which you think users will be looking for that will lead to your site.

Site maps - Site maps is a link by link breakdown of your site. They assist search engine "spiders" maneuver through your site and index each separate page.

SEO :What you should avoid

Keyword Stuffing - Keyword stuffing is jam packing your content with your chief keywords to such an extent that your content holds no meaning at all.

Invisible content - This is something that you don’t intend your visitors to see but have used to keyword-stuff your page. It will quickly place you on the wrong side of a search engines.

Too many h1 tags

Link farms - Link farms are simply individual pages with plenty of links to other sites.

Going overboard with any of the “what not to do” can lead to your site being "sandboxed" which will set aside your site from the search engine completely. Being "sandboxed" may last years or months, or even forever.

How long will it take to have a good ranking?

SEO, as a practice, is very time-dependent. Even though you will implement only above-board SEO techniques, you should not hope to see results for at least a few months .

Your investment is bound to pay off

Although the correct ROI of your SEO services is literally incalculable because of its longish timeframe, the unanimous opinion of experts is that SEO is the most money saving marketing tool if practiced in the right manner.

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