Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Article Writing Is The Quickest Way To Boost Your Sales

Article Writing Is The Quickest Way To Boost Your Sales
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Article writing is the best way to promote your website and products. As an added bonus, this method can boost your sales without having to spend a cent. It is one of the easiest methods to generate traffic, potentially doubling or even tripling your income.

But how does this work? Write original, content rich articles that relate to your website and submit them to article directories. Each one of your articles will have a link to your site in the author's resource box. This will boost your traffic flow in a number of ways:

- If the people who read your articles enjoy what they are reading, then they will be intrigued enough to click on your link to see what your site has to offer.

- Other webmasters can re-publish your articles to add fresh content to their websites. This will not only better their search engine ranking, but it will do the same for you.

- Each time your articles are republished, with more and more of them appearing on various websites, the number of links to your site increases too. Search engines place a lot of significance on incoming links. The more links your site has, the more importance search engines attach to it. This in turn means your website will achieve a higher placement in the search results.

- Search engines not only index websites, they also index published articles. When someone types in a search for a specific keyword, the search engines display all sites and articles containing that particular phrase. This is great, especially for the new online business owner as your website may not rank high enough to be noticed, but more than likely many of your articles will.

With an increasing number of people taking their buying needs online, having your site seen through articles is the best way of showing web browsers what you have to offer.

Visitors that come across your articles may just be stopping by for a browse, but if they like your products then potentially they may become customers in the future.

On the other hand there are those who are specific about what product they are after, but with so many choices online, are yet undecided. If your articles can grab the attention of the reader, then most likely they will be interested enough to visit your site and be enticed by the products or services you are offering.

You have nothing to lose, other than maybe half an hour of your time to write and submit an article, but the benefits will prove to be amazing. Before you know it, your site will be receiving more visitors than it's ever had. No wonder so many webmasters are taking the time to submit their articles - because article writing is the best way to promote your website.

Kelly Yuile is the webmaster of http://www.dreamaffiliatemoney.com/

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