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How To Become A Ebay Elite Seller In Easy Steps

How To Become A Ebay Elite Seller In Easy Steps
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The popularity of Ebay grows as over 70,000 new customers per day use the auction website to source products that they want or need for hopefully a bargain price. It is a huge market place of hungry targeted buyers that is brilliantly exploited by a very small select few who know how to play the Ebay auction selling game.

There are several fundamentals that must be adhered to if someone is going to transform their fortunes from an amateur Ebay auction seller into an elite Ebay auction seller. The difference is selling the occasional product to selling lots of in demand products to hungry bidders who are literally throwing money at you.

In order to create a winning Ebay auction scenario you must be aware of and undertake the following when offering a product for sale.

1 Always include an image - the saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is very true. Ebay allows one photo per product free of charge and use it to clearly show you r product, its condition and anything else that may affect its value. To give yourself an advantage over others, use an image hosting service and include as many photos as necessary to give the product as much chance of receiving as many bids as possible.

2 Benefit from cross promotion - As you wish to be more than an average Ebay auction seller, ensure that you have more than one product available to bid on. The hard work is getting a viewer to your page, once there make sure you give them every opportunity to bid on at least one of your products. Every page should have a link to another product. This is in addition to the "view other sellers' items" facility. It will give you the air of an established and professional Ebay auction seller which will build the all important trust between you and the bidder.

3 Have a return policy - This is essential to give yourself legitimacy amongst the bidders and confidence for them. Remember, Ebay auctions are impersonal, the bidders can't see you, don't know you and may have never done business with you before. A clear return policy stating how long it is valid for, dealing with faults, lost shipping etc will pay dividends. Don't forget, a returns policy is the bidders insurance policy and don't forget that few successful Ebay bidders make actual use of such a policy.

4 Open an Ebay store - An average Ebay seller does not do this but for those seeking elite status this is essential. It will give you such an advantage over virtually all other Ebay auction sellers because it creates you as a trusted brand. By having an Ebay store, you will benefit from cheaper and longer listings and don't forget that this will enable you to cross promote your products. Plus, as your Ebay store will appear in the Ebay directory, this will give you and your products greater exposure.

5 Attend to queries immediately - if you are required to respond to a query from a successful Ebay bidder or whoever, do it as soon as you can, instantly preferably. It is all about satisfactory customer service. Don't you think a successful Ebay bidder will be impressed if they receive a speedy email to say that their product has been shipped today and ask them to contact you if there are any problems? The longer you take to respond to an email, this will increase the doubt in the senders mind as to your reliability and trustworthiness. Do you think that they will be inclined to bid on a future product of yours?

Often, once Ebay sellers get the bug they want to sell more products but find how to get to the next step difficult. The Ebay elite follow a proven template and stick to it. They use these five tactics to ensure they give first class customer service and ensure that if a bidder has a choice of two Ebay auction sellers for the same product, it is they who the Ebay bidder will chose to place a bid with.

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