Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Are You A Residual Income Affiliate?

Are You A Residual Income Affiliate?
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Would you classify yourself as a residual income affiliate? Do you even know what that term refers to? Let's analyze what a fantastic thing residual income can be to your affiliate marketing career in this article.

A very simple definition of affiliate marketing is where you get paid to sell another person's product. Residual income is money that is paid back to you on an ongoing basis. It is sometimes referred to as walk away income because it means that you get paid many times for doing your work one time.

When you apply this definition to affiliate marketing you can see that a residual income affiliate is someone who is selling products that can potentially earn an income on an ongoing basis. So what kind of products could that possibly be?

One example would be selling a membership to a niche marketing training program. These are popular today because as people come online looking for ways to make money they understand the importance of getting training.

Niche marketing is where you take a broad based theme and narrow it down to a specific smaller niche. For example golfing could be a large theme, where golf equipment could be a narrower niche, and putters could be a very targeted niche.

Another example of a potential residual income affiliate program would be website hosting. People need to host their website somewhere online and you can make money selling that to them.

The benefit to selling this type of program on an ongoing basis is you can earn a commission every month as long as they keep their website active. Some people will host websites with the same hosting company for many years and that could mean a lot of money in your pocket.

You can do the math, but for example if you are earning $10 a month on one hosting account how many accounts would it take for you to retire and not have to make any new sales in the future?

This is what residual income can do for you as an affiliate marketer. It gives you the opportunity to literally plan your retirement by working hard today and representing products that people have a need for and are willing to spend money on.

These are great programs to represent because they allow you to earn commissions up front which is important to your cash flow today. And they allow you to earn residual income as an affiliate in the future which is important to your potential retirement.

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