Friday, September 5, 2008

SEO Targeted Marketing Helps You Rank Higher And Sell Products

SEO Targeted Marketing Helps You Rank Higher And Sell Products
By Rex Stevenson
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Most people believe that SEO is only the use of certain words that are supposed to help you get a better ranking in the search engines. To a degree this is true, but lots of times we become so focused on those words and getting that high ranking that we lose the meaning of the content and we lose the interest of readers. The information we are trying to transmit is becoming unreadable and extremely boring.

How does SEO work? Well supposedly Google, Yahoo, and other search engines have tools which help them see how relevant your site is to a certain subject based on the number of times certain words are repeated within your content. So many decide to repeat or include the words for which they want their products to be found many times. The problem with this is that the content becomes unreadable, and the search engines are realizing this and changing it. Its no longer about using the right words a certain number of times, it's about getting relevant content to your product. Its about informing your readers about your product. Readers are actually interested in finding out more about your product.

The objective is to find the right kind of reader, the one that is interested in what you have to say and what your product is. This is called SEO targeted marketing. So you need to get relevant, interesting, and fresh information on your site. You want readers that are interested in your product and not in something that doesn't have to do with what you are selling because you won't be able to keep that type of reader.

So essentially, SEO target marketing "kills two birds with one stone". You give the reader the information he needs, and the search engines rank you for having relevant information to the keywords you are using.

The increase of traffic will be due to the relevance of the information of your site to your product, and thus this will produce more sales. SEO marketing deals with getting interested visitors to your site.

When people see that you have interesting information on your site, they are more likely to become buyers. The relevant traffic will make you and your readers both happy because they will actually get what they are looking for.

When you market online you always want to pay attention to SEO, but only SEO for the market you want and for the people that may be interested in your product.

Keeping the balance between SEO and good content is the key to your SEO endeavors and getting the right traffic to your site, traffic that is willing to buy your product or keep coming back for good information and eventually buy your product.

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