Monday, September 15, 2008

How to Grow Your List

How to Grow Your List
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What is so important about growing your list? Your list is the secret to website marketing profits.

People will come to your website. They may like your content, but if they don't bookmark your site, you probably won't see them again. You have lost an opportunity to market to them.

If you convince them to opt-in to your list, you will have the chance to send them more of your great content. More importantly, you will be able to send them money making offers. People don't often buy the first time they see one of your offers. They don't trust you yet. It takes time and repetitions. They only way to do this is by drip-marketing to them.

Make sure that your opt-in or sign up form is prominently displayed close to the top of your page so that it can't be missed. Entice them to sign up by describing the free goodies you are offering. You should only ask for the first name and their email address. When they sign up, send them immediately to your "thank you" page. Deliver the goods you promised to them on that page. By the way, you can put a couple of other offers there on the "thank you" page, too. Sometimes, when people are really in the buying or joining mood, they will investigate your other offers.

Create a squeeze page. Spend some time on this page to get it right. A squeeze page, sometimes called a fly-catcher page, is a page designed to convince them to opt-in to your list. It will have a catchy title, a bullet pointed list of about 5 to 7 different benefits to joining and, of course, the opt-in form. Make sure they see the opt-in form. Put your opt-in form in a Johnson box with highlighted borders and draw arrows to it if you must. You have to tell people what you want them to do. Don't assume that they know.

Put an auto starting video on your squeeze page. Make sure that its duration is short. The video can go over the benefits of joining, but don't overdo it. Using video or at least, audio on your squeeze page will increase your success rate by about three times.

Summary: One of the keys to success in internet marketing is to grow your list. You need to market to the subscribers on the list.

* Make sure the opt-in form is prominently displayed right at the top of your landing page.

* Give your readers enticements to join your list -- free articles, reports, products, whatever you think will get them to sign up.

* In your article marketing, pay per click, and other marketing efforts, send people to your squeeze page.

* Add video or audio to your squeeze page. You will probably increase your opt-in rate by about three times. uses videos and articles to make learning to market on the web enjoyable. Many secrets are revealed that will help you be successful. If you want to join our mailing list, click here:

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