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Home Based Business: How to Generate Quality Leads With 2 Step Marketing

Home Based Business: How to Generate Quality Leads With 2 Step Marketing
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As a home based business owner you know that marketing is a fundamental to building your business opportunity. However this is where many new business opportunity owners fail, not knowing how to market on the internet.

We have all heard a lot about web 2.0 and social networking. But this is not for everyone. People who don't have much computer skills, which could be a vast majority of the baby boomer generation, will fail at promoting their business in this manner.

So a good solution for the not so skilled home business owner is 2 step direct marketing. The method I will talk about here is with post cards, but there are many other ways to do this and others have used variations to this method with equally good results.

So what do I mean by 2 step marketing? Simply put, 2 step marketing is based on giving something away for free, or low cost, with the hope of getting something back in return. Marketers who charge a small fee believe this shows true investment and creates a higher level prospect.

In my example with post cards the process looks like this:

1. Create or have someone create a compelling post card giving just enough information about the product to get the prospect to take some sort of action. This is to simply invoke curiosity... not to give too much information about your backend product.

2. You can have the prospect call a phone number for additional information; sent them to a website to get more information or have them send away for a package of additional information. The idea here is to get someone to raise their hand and say I'm interested in what you have by providing you with their personal details. These are great business opportunity prospects and an excellent way to build a list.

3. Once you have provided them with the requested information don't stop there. If you haven't heard this before "the money is in the follow-up" so continually follow up. If you don't have an autoresponder, get one, this is the easiest way to follow up. Send them an email as often as necessary to create a relationship and remind them of your backend product. Don't just do hard selling here....

2 step marketing is a time tested marketing method and used by top guru's on the market today. This marketing strategy will produce targeted prospects for your home based business.

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Cindy Floyd

Entrepreneur and Online Marketing Coach

Colorado Creative Solutions, LLC


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