Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Questions and Answers About Internet Affiliate Programs

Questions and Answers About Internet Affiliate Programs
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Thousands of people go online every day looking for ways to make money. This brings up many questions about Internet affiliate programs as one way to do it. I thought I might answer a few of those questions in this article.

1. What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is where you get paid to sell other people's products. It is an agreement between the merchant and a salesperson.

2. How do I make money? You earn a commission whenever you get the desired result. For example, if you make a sale you would earn a commission based on the agreed percentage between the merchant and yourself.

You can also make money when people fill out leads, or click on ads, and these are known as pay per lead and pay per click affiliate programs.

3. How often do I get paid? Each affiliate merchant will have a different pay schedule. Some will pay on a monthly basis on the previous month's sales. Others will pay two times a month, and it's even becoming possible now to earn instant commissions and get paid immediately after you make a sale.

4. Do I need my own website? This is one of the great things about affiliate marketing on the Internet. The merchant will take care of everything and provide everything you need to make money. This includes giving you your own website, collecting the money on all sales and shipping the product.

5. How hard is affiliate marketing? It will take some effort because you have to master traffic generation skills. Even though much of the initial setup work is done for you, you still get paid to bring visitors to a website and sell products to them. If you do not have the skill level at this point, then you will have to learn how to do it. The sooner you do that the quicker you will be making money.

6. Where do I find good affiliate programs? You can do a Google search for the words "affiliate programs" and come up with directories that have multiple affiliate products you can sell.

If you are looking for something specifically, you can Google search those words plus affiliate programs after them. For example, "cooking affiliate programs" will bring up some of the top results in that niche and you can then go and visit those websites.

These are six common questions and answers about Internet affiliate programs. It is not a complicated business model, but it is new to most people. Do not let your lack of knowledge stop you from getting involved in this exciting industry.

John Baril lives in Delta, British Columbia, Canada with his wife and 2 young boys. John is a full time Paramedic and also runs a successful affiliate marketing business. Find out how to profit in affiliate marketing with his outstanding free e-course available at: Simple Work At Home Opportunity

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