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Article Marketing - A Great Idea To Promote Your Online Business

Article Marketing - A Great Idea To Promote Your Online Business
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A very affordable way of getting good search engine rankings and attracting targeted visitors to your website is through Article Marketing. Here we discuss how article marketing actually works so you can implement this powerful way of driving traffic to your online business site.

Bear in mind that you do not have to be a highly skilled author in order to write articles. As long as you are able to put together a few paragraphs of good information then you can certainly write articles and use article marketing as a method to promote your online business website.

You will find that most article directories will have a drop down menu displaying what topics they will accept, so be sure to check that your work is relevant before submitting an article.

They will also provide guidelines to let you know the length of articles they accept, i.e. the minimum and maximum number of words per article. They will probably stipulate that the articles must be written in English with good grammar. It is advisable to read the fine print prior to submitting articles to avoid the disappointment of have them rejected.

Some sites may reserve the right to edit your articles. So bear in mind that if your content is changed there is nothing that you can do about it. If you do not want your articles edited, then do not submit to sites that reserve the right to edit them.

As article marketing is really a free form of advertising and exposure, do not expect to be paid for submitting articles. A few sites will pay for original articles though.

What you can expect from submitting articles is the opportunity to make yourself known as an expert in your field, as well at the services and/or products you offer, plus gain valuable back-links to your website from the link in your resource box, where readers can click through to your website to find more information.

It is advisable to write the resource box in the third person. Include your name, a few words about yourself, what you are offering and your online business website address.

Once you have written an article, your next step is to publish it. You can do this by submitting manually to the individual article directories, which is very time-consuming, or you can use an article submission service.

Most article directories will require you to become a member before you can submit articles, so you will have to signup by completing a simple form to open an account. There is no fee involved. As a member you will be able to check your statistics and complete an author's profile where you can put quite a lot of detail about yourself and your websites.

You will notice that after submitting an article it may be marked as Pending. This is because many article directories manually approve articles before they go live, to ensure that they are in accordance with their guidelines. Unfortunately, some people spam the article directories, so the webmasters need to delete the junk.

A few of the article directories will send you an email advising you if your article has been accepted or rejected. However, many do not so it is advisable to login regularly to your account and check the status of your articles. You may find you need to make minor adjustments to an article and resubmit it before it is finally accepted.

When an article directory accepts and publishes your article then other webmasters and ezine owners can freely add your article to their website, blog or ezine, resulting in even more exposure for you. The article directory guidelines for publishers will stipulate that they are not allowed to change your article and must keep the resource box intact acknowledging that you are the author.

So it really pays to submit informative, quality articles that other webmasters will want to add to their sites, as this will lead to more exposure for you across the internet as well as build more back-links to your online business website.

Many people think that article marketing is difficult, but as you can see article marketing is actually very simple and a great online business idea. You simply write an informative article based on the theme of your website and then submit it to the article directories.

Even though you are not paid for the hard work you put into writing the article, you will be rewarded with targeted traffic to your website resulting from the higher search engine rankings your online business will achieve.

Cynthia Minnaar runs her own online business ideas website full-time from home and invites you to visit her Internet Marketing Training Guide for tips on article marketing.

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