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How To Start A Home Base Business By Preventing Analysis Paralysis

How To Start A Home Base Business By Preventing Analysis Paralysis
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Home base business newbies appear to be facing an uphill battle trying to succeed at making a living online. Statistics suggest that 97% of you will fail.

Personally, I find that totally unacceptable.

I want to ensure that you do NOT become another statistic.

What I am outlining here, is of course my personal opinion. Not all the gurus will be pleased with my suggestions. However, I believe these ideas will not only help you succeed but will ultimately help you make a very good living online.

As a newbie, the chances are, the following describes your situation:

- You dream of making a successful, full-time living from a home based affiliate business. This will give you financial freedom and the lifestyle choices that come with that.

- Not long after you begin to research the opportunities, you find yourself on numerous lists. It seems that every internet marketing guru has you on their list. Most of the time you have no idea how you ended up on half of these lists. The result is that you are being bombarded by dozens, if not a 100 emails a day from these gurus.

- You log onto the internet searching for the best way to make a success of your home based business. You see new ideas daily; many are too good to pass by. You are constantly reading e-books, watching videos, listening to audios - all with the latest money making systems.

- You purchase more systems, e-books, software, info-products and other methods than you'll ever use. As a result you have a bunch of private label rights, scripts, software, 'how-to' methods and membership to all sorts of programs. Each of these promise you the 'guaranteed' way of being successful with a home based affiliate business. Most of these are clogging up your hard drive gathering ether dust.

The problem with this is that you are overwhelmed with information overload, which leads to analysis paralysis. This means that you are not taking much action despite all the knowledge you have accrued.

If you believe you are taking action and the description above is not you then I sincerely hope you are succeeding beyond your wildest dreams. However, I can't help thinking of the other 97%.

OK. What to do? Here are three basic actions you can take.

- First thing to do is to reduce the number of lists you are on. This is easy - just click the 'unsubscribe' section at the end of the emails. This feature is a requirement of all legitimate list holders. Forget about missing all the latest information. The internet is rapidly evolving. When you are more experienced, you'll be better placed to take up offers that haven't yet been conceived.

You already have enough knowledge to be successful. Just use what you know now. Stop continually reading, studying and looking for the latest 'can't miss' deal. You can bet the gurus didn't get where they are today by perpetually reading, watching and listening. At some stage they took ACTION.

- Secondly, organise your time so that you get maximum return each day. Reading e-books, watching videos, and listening to pod casts is a good use of time but it doesn't make money in itself. Essential as they are, you have to allot your time between learning and taking action that makes you money.

- Thirdly, one word. Focus. Focus on taking action, step by step. It doesn't matter about the speed of your action. As long as you ARE taking action. Internet marketing (and now Network Marketing within the Renegade System) mostly follow these steps. Find a profitable niche, identify keywords, find an affiliate product or create your own, build your website, drive traffic and track your progress.

Keep in touch with your opt-in subscribers by use of an autoresponder thereby building a trusting relationship with them. Send them good content. Don't abuse their willingness to share their email address by bombarding them with offer after offer. This is a definite 'no-no' when building a home based business. Be personal and sometimes just pass the time of day with them.

Building a home base affiliate marketing business is not rocket science. Follow the simple steps above at a regular pace that suits you and sooner or later you'll get results.

To your success.

John Hutchinson, The Oldie Newbie, coaches home based business in network marketing here and with internet marketing here

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