Saturday, June 7, 2008

Home Based Business: Going Fulltime

Home Based Business: Going Fulltime
by Frank Bolsom
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While the idea of working at home in the comfort of your pajamas sounds like heaven, be sure and look before you leap. If you have a traditional full-time job and want to transition into a home-based Internet job make sure you do your homework first.

At times, people do make a decision for which they have only themselves to be blamed. After all, quitting a full-fledged job requires a heart of steel!

So before you write that letter of resignation, here are some things to consider first:

1.First, ask yourself if you are the type of person who will be motivated to work at home on a daily basis. It requires setting time aside for work and leaving the laundry for later. So decide whether or not you can function being your own boss and get work completed. Some people find they actually need a boss to keep them motivated.

2.It is important to consider other benefits that you will lose when you quit your current job.

You will not have paid vacations or holidays, sick time, health care or retirement benefits. So consider setting aside an account for these necessities as well. If you will maintain medical coverage under a spouse, than that is one thing that you dont have to worry about.

3.Another consideration to take into account is can you live without a regular paycheck?

Do the math to make sure you can cover the daily costs of living as well as any expenditures related to your business.This will give you an idea of whether or not you should go for the home-based opportunity or not.

4.Lastly, have a clear idea of what kind of work you want to do from home.

In fact, you will have to bear all the expenses for promoting and maintaining the home business that you have opted for.

An important suggestion is that you must surely have a bank balance sufficient to last you and your family for about half a year, all the times.

This will give you the confidence and security when it comes to your finances and will allow you to better concentrate on your business.

So consider all of these factors before making the decision to quit your current job and work at home.

Irrespective of the benefits, a home job is not meant for anyone. So while on the job, take some time to think about it rather than quitting immediately. Take a stand!

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