Friday, June 6, 2008

Supercharge your Online Income with Peel Away Video Ads

Supercharge your Online Income with Peel Away Video Ads
by Matthew J. Loop
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If you are a motivated affiliate marketer and interested in one of the hottest and most useful affiliate products available online to sell right now, then I strongly recommend becoming a Peel Away Video Affiliate.

First off let's talk money. Quite simply, when you become a Peel Away Video Affiliate you make a 70% commission. Why is the commission so high? It is because the creators of this product are confident that this product will sell better than its predecessor, which were the notorious Peel Away Ads.

Experienced marketers may recall the flurry of attention that was given the Peel Away Video Affiliate's predecessor program called Peel Away Ads. This program was solid and cost less than fifty dollars.

Instead of annoying pop ups, Peel Away Video allows a web master to embed live video on a web site. There is a corner icon that looks like a dog eared page corner at the top right hand corner of your web page. When the user clicks on it the page drops away to reveal a video beneath. It can upload one ad to multiple domains at one time. This spectacle only brings repeat business back to your customer's website and also new people who have been told about it and are curious to see how it works.

The Peel Away Video program is ten times better because it allows the web master to replace boring static ads with video. Having embedded video on your website is one of the hottest trends in small business web design and having a peel away video on your site is one of the most cost effective and entertaining ways to deploy it without irritating customers. In fact it is a dazzling, rather than irritating effect that is distinctly modern in execution.

Furthermore this peel ad product practically sells itself, as many webmasters are realizing that their customers are actually avoiding websites that have too many pop ups and banners. Having a pop up on a web site makes the vendor seem intrusive and desperate for business whereas having a sleek dog ear ad (as this type of ad is sometimes called) makes your web master look technologically sophisticated and like they have spent a lot of money on web design.

Another beautiful selling point when offering the program to your own affiliates is to explain how it can replace those pop ups and banner ads! People now feel hostile about encountering junk like that on a web site. Studies have shown that customers will actually boycott websites that have pop ups and back page or forward page type advertising on them.

Peel ads make it look like you spent a mint on developing your website when in reality all you have done is spend a few bucks to upload some simple script that integrates nicely wit any website. The truth is that Peel Away Video is reliable user friendly and much less expensive than hiring a web designer to add a similar effect for you. Finally when recruiting affiliates to sell Peel Away video it is especially important that they see the generous affiliate payment of 70% per sale.

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Quit using outdated Peel Away Ads! Catapult sales and conversions with the fresh, highly sought after Peel Away Video for serious marketers. Money-back guarantee. Sign-up to be an affiliate and make 70% on on all sales!

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