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How To Get Real Visitors To Your New Website In Four Simple Steps

How To Get Real Visitors To Your New Website In Four Simple Steps
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I'm sure that we have all had the same thoughts sitting there, staring at the computer screen and thinking about starting our own online home business...just how on earth do I get people visiting my new website?

We all know that at the end of the day, you can have the best converting website in the world, but without any traffic, you're going to go bust. And that was my big issue.

I could see all these great programs and systems, but not one of them told me how to go and get traffic to my site.

So if you're in the same position as I was, here's four great tips that should banish all the doubts in your mind and get you on the Internet making money...

1. You must produce unique, quality content on your website.

The search engines love fresh, new and relevant content. Keep adding new content to your site and make sure that the search engine spiders keep visiting daily. Like most things, don't expect immediate results because in a way, you're having to prove that your website is legitimate strange as that may sound. Unfortunately this harks back to days when webmasters would simply upload a large amount of PLR articles on a site and effectively leave it to its own fate. Google in particular determined that this was not a good experience for its users and began to develop its algorithm to reward those sites matching its requirements and dropping those that did not.

2. Research relevant keywords for your chosen topic and use them all on your website.

To ensure good search engine optimization of your website, make sure that you have a good list of relevant keywords and phrases and use these on your website for page titles and sub-page titles. Use them in your articles too so that you not only appeal to search engine spiders, but human visitors too.

Don't load your pages with content that speaks to a search engine bot. I'm sure you've read webpages or articles that are so loaded with keywords for spiders that they make no sense at all to you or I, which is pointless as you want humans to buy from you.

Beware too, as Google in particular is now leaning heavily on 'Latent Semantic Indexing' which basically means it is rewarding sites that speak to humans not just bots.

3. You're new in town - you need to let everyone know that you've arrived and where they can find you!

Submit your new website to the search engines to let them know that you have a new site and you want them to find you. Don't go overboard - you only need to do it once so long as you have a good website that can be accessed by the bots. If you want to submit using a submission program, get yourself a new email address as many will be link farms and FFA sites and will bomb you with rubbish. Stick to the main ones and the others will follow naturally.

4. Try to get good one-way backlinks to your website. You can actually pay to have websites link back to you from high PR (Google Page Ranked) websites, but be careful as Google in particular is very picky about what qualifies as a relevant backlink and will drop your site if it thinks you are trying to use link-spamming techniques. If you start to submit your own original articles to article directories, you will find that this is the quickest and the best way to generate good quality backlinks to your new website, and will also generate good traffic.

So, as you can now see, starting to get the ball rolling and generating visitor traffic to your new website is not as difficult as it may seem at first. Just follow the steps outlined above and stick with the program and you will see more and more visitors coming through which will mean more money for you!

Michael Hemmins is the owner of Home Business Ideas - a free information and resource website providing unique and relevant information to help you start and grow your own home based business. Feel free to contact Michael with any questions you have about your online home business issues

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