Thursday, September 4, 2008

Free and Easy Online Marketing Tips

Free and Easy Online Marketing Tips
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Here are a few free and easy marketing tips you can use to direct traffic to your website.

One very popular strategy is YouTube. With a video camera or web camera and a little creativity you can drive a lot of traffic to your website. One of the newer features on YouTube is the ability to show who's watching a video at any given time. It's called "Active Sharing" It's a good idea to turn this option on in your account- so when your browsing around the site your name will pop up next to the videos your watching. People can then click your name, visit your profile page, watch your videos, and become a fan. The more fans you have visiting your page the more people you get clicking on your link.

Another free tool is MySpace. MySpace is one of the largest social network online with over 180 million users! It is also known as viral marketing, or "buzz" marketing. Do not fill your profile with sales tactics, it turns people off, especially if they think they are being spammed and no one loves a spammer. Remember, you want to build a huge friends list in a short amount of time and you want to be interesting enough so that people will want to become your friend. As you fill out your profile you will want to create links to your website and companies. You will also want to add some video clips because it tends to hold peoples interest in your page. Use the MySpace search function to locate your target audience and send friend requests.

Squidoo is a place you can write articles or "lenses" about anything that interests you. Anything at all. You can find groups of people who write about things you are interested in and so on and so forth; it's really quite fun once you get the hang of it. Once again, you want to have a variety of lenses on several topics that interest you not just lenses for your opportunity. And you want to check out lenses other people have written, like any other web 2.0 sites it is about building relationships and a network of friends and giving them something they will want to read and add as their favorites, and give you high rankings. By gaining friends through a vareity of topics and interests, you will start to be able to link up with others and they will actually present your opportunity for you.

Stumble Upon is another great advertising forum, you write articles like in squiddoo and people give it a thumbs up or down, the stumble upon software actually knows what kind of content its readers like, so it will present random content to a reader and the reader will give it a thumbs up or down and the software will know what kind of content to present its reader. First thing you will want to do is Craft or Modify your article content, create a catchy title, add a picture, add graphics, and texturize your blog using Italics, Bold etc. Then you want to build a list of friends or invite friends from other sites. Next you will want to coordinate your submission to the right person, have that person send it along to other people and have people vote on it. You can also spend a few bucks submitting the article yourself and seeing what kind of feed back you get, I would spend maybe $20 to see if people really do like the content. The best thing to do though is to have others actually submit it for you and pass it along, that way it doesn't look like you are trying to promote yourself, rather other people are doing it for you.

That rounds out some of the more popular sites and free marketing tips that can help direct traffic to your website. I hope it has been useful and informative, and you enjoyed the tips. Stay tuned for more free advertising tips next week!

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