Thursday, September 4, 2008

Why You Absolutelly Need To Have a Good Squeeze Page

Why You Absolutelly Need To Have a Good Squeeze Page
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Creating an effective squeeze page may be one of the most important factors to creating wealth online. A squeeze page is essential because it allows you to capture potential customers or clients email addresses. Getting their email addresses will allow you to market to those individuals via email for as long as they remain on your list.

Think about how powerful a large list can be. Let's do the math and brain storm here for a minute...

Let's say that over a few years you have gathered together a list of 10,000 email addresses. You've been building a rapport with these people by offering them great information, advice, and free products, and now you want to sell them something. How much can you make?

Many products will land you between a 1-2% conversion rate depending on the product of course. But lets say it's a decent product that will convert at 1.5%. The product sells for $249 and you get a 50% commission for each sale. That's $124.50 for each sale and 1.5% of 10,000 is 150 people that will buy the product. 150 times $249 is $37,350.00!

Do you see the potential of what a huge list can do for you? Just by promoting one product with a simple email may land you more money than some college graduates make in a whole year. It is absolutely essential to build an effective squeeze page so you can start landing some subscribers.

Building an effective lead page is simple and should only take a few minutes to do thanks to the advancement of software today.

And you want to make your squeeze page simple as well. An effective squeeze page should be pretty vanilla and not overpowering to the eye. Point out all the benefits of joining and how much money it is worth in value. A picture of yourself may be beneficial as well.

Once you have created your squeeze page, it's all about putting it in front of people. The more people you can put it in front of, the more people you are going to get in your opt-in list.

There are many ways you can do this. Traffic exchanges are a good way to get a few sign ups here and there. Pay per click advertising can also be a very effective way of getting sign ups using your squeeze page as the landing page.

But to get your email list into the thousands, aside from building an effective squeeze page, you are going to need help from others. Joint venture projects are a great way to boost your email list. Building a list from others existing list is the quickest, but not the easiest or cheapest method to use.

If you don't have money to offer someone for a joint venture project, you can always create a product, sell it for cheap, and give the person who promotes it an affiliate commission.

There are all kinds of ways to market your squeeze page and boost your opt-in list. The key is to use them all, then find more creative ways to boost your list.

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