Monday, June 2, 2008

What To Know When Starting An Online Business

The first thing you must do no matter if you just want to utilize the Internet to sell physical products offline or if you want to only sell informational products or physical products online, you must do the basic research.

You don't want to have to work more on stuff that isn't important in getting good results or helping build your business. So you need to do research on the topic of your business and the products you plan on selling.

Note: If your not sure what type of business to start or what type of products to sell, your not alone, but the best part is you don't even need to be an expert or even know anything about the topic in order to succeed with your online business.

The basic research is to make sure there are lots of people interested in the products and information your providing, they are willing to spending money and can be easily contacted.

Here are some ways of finding out this information:

- Do a search in Google using your main term with quotes.
Ex: "dog snacks" (58,100 competiting pages)

- Using this search with and without quotes will allow you to see how many people are already paying for ads on Google (right-hand side of search page) This can tell you that people are already making money for that term or else they wouldn't be spending money on the ads.

- Do a search on Amazon to see how many other products are being sold. If there are lots of products being sold, you know there is people spending money on that topic. If there are only a few products or none at all, this may be a warning sign.

- Find out how many people are searching for your main term and other related terms. This way you can put more effort in the keywords that have more searches and have a better idea of what type of information and products people are looking for.

Once you have completed this research you will know the type of content/information and products that people want and are looking for. So just give it to them.

Your research is very important to the setup and survival of your online business. The next step is to register a memorable .com domain name. Your domain name should contain a keyword phrase that lots of searches for. After you have registered a domain name, you will need to get hosting. Make sure your hosting service has Cpanel.
Domain Registration -
Web Hosting -

The next thing you will have to decide is whether you want a website or blog, if you don't have any knowledge in this area, you can hire someone to do it for you or if you decide to create a blog. This can be done easily through Cpanel that your hosting service provides you with. You'll be able to setup a WordPress blog in just a few minutes. Tutorials are also there to help you.

After you have chosen a website or blog, you will need to develop content for your site or blog. You should have a better understanding of what information to provide after completing the basic research. At this point you have two options: create it yourself or outsource someone else to do it for you. This can also come in play when you create any informational products or free reports.

When you have your site or blog setup, your content and products ready to go, the next thing you'll want to get is an Autoresponder account, so you can build a list of subscribers that you can continue to contact. This could be to provide more information about your products in order for them to buy your products or you could also recommended other related product and services.

These are just some of the basics you should cover when starting an online business. The research stage is by far the most important step and can mean failure or success for your business.

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