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3 marketing musts for Affiliate Marketers

3 marketing musts for Affiliate Marketers.
by Lee Coppin
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No matter how experienced you are as an affiliate marketer you are always looking for the next hot market to build your income. If you are just starting out you may think there is some big secret to making it big. In this article I am going to show you that's not the case.

The simple truth to being a successful online marketer is to use tried and tested marketing methods to promote your websites. Here are 3 simple marketing methods that you can implement today.

1. Promote on product per page. By having a unique landing page for each of the products you are affiliate marketing your visitors are more likely to buy the product.

Use a product review to promote the features and benefits of the products as this helps the visitors understand how the product will help them. Real customer testimonials are a great way of building confidence in the products; please make sure they are real.

Write article that focus on solving a problem or series of problems using the product you are promoting. Do not over sell but do include calls to action based on the information in the article. Make the pages easy to read and use head lines to draw the visitor down the page highlighting the key points.

2. Offer a free report. Write a free report looking at a specific problem the product resolves and give it away free to your visitors. Place the offer in a prominent place on your website.

Use a autoresponder to deliver your product to the visitor. In this way you capture the visitors email address; promote your product through a series of useful emails which help the visitor and promote the benefits of the product. Again lay of the sales pitch and remember research shows your visitor only starts to trust you after 7 contacts.

3. Be specific in your marketing. Target your visitor so you get well motivated and interested visitors as these are the ones who will spend money.

You can use Pay Per Click advertising using very focused key word phrases. While this is very effective this costs money. Use article marketing through e-zines and directories.

A free method of traffic generation is article marketing using e-zines and article directories. Write a couple of articles a week of between 300 and 600 words. After a while this will generate up to 100 visitors a day which on average equals a sale a day.

You can implement these marketing methods today and start seeing sales of your affiliate products build over time. They are easy to do all it takes is action on your part.

If you just promote 3 products which generate $10 profit each a day that will give you $900 a month. Its up to you to take action and use the methods above.

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