Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blogging Your Way To Profits

Blogging Your Way To Profits
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Every home business owner knows the value of traffic to their website, but do they really understand the value of blogging for driving traffic to their primary money site? Creating a blog is free and with the right strategy you can have tons of traffic daily.

Having your own blog allows the home business owner freedom to sell and say what they want about their product and invites others to comment. So adding a little humor or controversy stimulates activity and interest.

Most affiliate programs and network marketing website don't allow for "freedom of speech", so using a blog to drive traffic to the corporate site or sales page makes sense.

Plus, this is all free. You can start a new blog on Blogger.com or at Wordpress.com. There is no limit to the amount of blogs you can setup for any program you want to promote.

Using blogs as your squeeze page is easy and you don't need a web designer to get them up and running. With some creativity and use of the verbiage straight from the sales page or corporate website you can have something ready for online in ten minutes.

But that's only one use for a blog. You can create a blog for your primary home business with Adsense, affiliate banners or sell the banner space to others for a small fee for access to there business programs.

Blogs are a great place to podcast; giving others the benefit of your knowledge and expertise in your niche field. People feel comfort in hearing your voice tones which instills trust. Once people trust you they will want to join you in your business opportunity.

So now that you have the process, you need a strategy to get people to your blog. Here are three basic methods to get traffic to you blog.

The first thing you'll want to do once you have entered a blog post is use a social bookmarking service to get the word out. Digg, Propeller, Del.icio.us, Twitter are all great places to let people know you have just published a new blog post.

Second, write an article about your niche and post a signature with a link back to your blog. Article marketing is the best kept secret.

Third, get on your favorite forum. Most will allow one link in the signature. Make it a good one, back to your blog. Then drive them back to your money site.

This may take a bit of time at first, but once you have the routine down, you'll start seeing profits from your blogging.

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