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How to Use eBay with Drop Shipping

How to Use eBay with Drop Shipping
by Mike Stason
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Want to make a full time living selling products on eBay? Yes, it actually is possible even if you don't sell your own products and without having to store anything in your backyard.

eBay provides many people who want to quit their corporate nine-to-five jobs with a way to make a good living, without having to put up a lot of start up capital. This is made possible with the help of drop shippers.

Drop shipping companies store the products at their own facilities and will ship the products at your command. You don't need to store any items yourself. You order the products to be delivered to your dropshipper and the dropshipper will deliver them to your customers without you ever seeing your products.

The way it normally works in eBay is that you set up your auctions and when the product is sold the customer address is automatically sent to your dropshipping company so that they can ship the products to the desired address. You don't deal in any way with shipping or handling.

This whole process is totally invisible to your customer. The dropshipper lables and ships everything and you just have to administer your auctions and pay your dropshipper a small fee.

You must establish a relationship with several drop shipping companies in order to become successful. In the beginning, most companies will require you to pay for the items that your customers order before they are shipped.

In the beginning you might have to deposit a certain amount. This is because drop shippers want to avoid not getting paid. Normally you will pay by credit card.

When setting up your auction you will have to make sure that your reserve price is higher than the price you have to pay to the dropshipper.

Observe your competition. Find out what they are charging for similar products. If for some reason they sell the items cheaper than your dropshipper would sell them to you try to find out which dropshipper they are using. To do that just order the item from them and when it is delivered have a look at the label. Usually dropshippers leave traces or their contact details somewhere. This is because they also handle returns.

You don't risk anything by selling products from dropshippers. This is because you usually pay the dropshipper after you get paid by your customers. It is the ideal business to start with if you still have a regular day job.

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