Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The eBay Digital Policy Change: A Fatal Blow or an Opportunity?

The eBay Digital Policy Change: A Fatal Blow or an Opportunity?
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As we all know eBay has changed their policy on selling digital products via their website. This change has been primarily made to stop feedback manipulation by the 'one cent eBook'. Many of you may be thinking is this the end of digital products and also the end of many online businesses. But it isn't that bad and it could actually be the motivation people need to maximize the potential profit made instead of having everything on autopilot and becoming lazy due to not having to lift a finger.

The main thing you will notice is this change will result in a massive gap in the market as the 'one cent eBook' will become extinct, however don't be so naive as to think this will end all feedback manipulation as there will be people out there who will continually try to cheat the system.

So how do we keep selling our products? The answer is to turn them into a multimedia product because eBay has nothing against selling products that are not digitally received. So turning your eBooks into physical products is the answer, as soon as it is physical it isn't digitally received therefore is not breaking any rules on eBay. This is great news for all the people out there who provide excellent customer service as this will now be a key factor in selling your new physical products on eBay and also you can charge more for these type of products as much as 10 times meaning more profit for the people who stay with eBay and make eBay work for them.

Another benefit is also the chance to up-sell is changed hugely. As if you provide a professional looking multimedia product with covers and maybe even printouts to accompany the CD they instantly respect your opinions and trust that any other products created by you will be as good as the one they received.

This is where there is a chance to capture their email via an opt-in form or even direct them to your other eBooks on the internet via links in the product and if it is outside eBay it can still be automated. This adds people to your list and also has the chance of them making even more purchases.

Think of your new physical products as a website on a CD and is yours to advertise your other products without breaking the rules of eBay. With this in mind this change could be what the hard-working internet marketers out there needed as it will weed out the minor competition leaving a path to success for the people with the right ideas and well worked out businesses.

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