Thursday, May 22, 2008

3 eBay Classified Ad Tips for more Cash in your Pocket

3 eBay Classified Ad Tips for more Cash in your Pocket
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By now you know that eBay's classified ads are great for filling your bank account with lovely cash, but as the competition is heating up, it's time to get serious, so here are three great tips for more profit-pulling ads:

1. Use bullet points in your description. People love lists and would much rather read a list than a paragraph. And the more likely your ad is read, the more sales that you are probably going to make.

So, instead of writing a paragraph or two about why your product is the greatest thing since the wheel was invented, break the benefits into point form and create a list from them. The shorter and more to the point they are the better. People like to scan more than they like to read.

2. Make sure you tell the customer what to do next - whether that is to send an email for more information, click a link - whatever - just tell them what they need to do.

And while we are on the topic, a big click here button is sometimes not enough - you need to tell your potential customer why they are clicking there. Here are some examples: click here for more information, click here to learn the secrets to weight loss, click here to send a man to the moon ... you get the idea.

If there is no call to action in your ad, many eBay customers will be left scratching their heads since there isn't a traditional buy now or bid now button like there is in regular auctions.

3. Think about what people WANT before you choose a product to promote. It is no good choosing products just because they sound cool, people must actually want the product before they are willing to part with their hard earned money.

So what sort of things do people want? Well I'll give you some hints - people want to lose weight, they want to fall in love, they want to make money. They probably don't care much for an ebook on how to cook toast if you know what I mean.

While listing a classified ad is much like listing a regular eBay auction, because buyers are still getting used to classified ads it's important to tell them exactly what they need to do to buy from you. The easier you make the transaction process, the easier the money will start to flow your way.

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