Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Google Snatch unleashed!

Google Snatch unleashed!
by Petor Angells

Google Snatch is fast becoming one of Clickbank's best selling programs. This in itself is enough to make you sit up and pay attention. The most refreshing thing about Google Snatch is that it gets back to basics - but in doing so it actually changes the ground rules. No longer do you have to rely on SEO 'tricks' to get top listings. You can't fool the search engines for long anyway and they soon weed out any trick strategy. The result can be that one day you're top of the pile, next you're back at the bottom and possibly banned.

There's no substitute for quality

Google Snatch is based on giving the search engines what they really want - true value, high quality information. It's about looking at your marketing problem from your customer's point of view and giving them what they want. The best thing is, it's not difficult - it just takes a little time and patience. Time and patience that will be well rewarded.

Forget About Niche Domination

Because you are not using tricks to fool the search engines, you don't have to find that last tiny niche that nobody else has found. You can go where the real money is - the major market sectors and big niches.

On The Same Terms

Your competitors can spend what they like on Google Adwords - you can still beat them at their own game, without it costing a penny. In the past it used to be possible for anyone to compete on equal terms with the big players, but with search engine optimization came the era of secret techniques available only to those with deep pockets. Now we have come full circle. Search engine algorithms have become so sophisticated that it now pays to go back to basics. Once again content is king.

The Next Step

The only area where Google Snatch is slightly deficient is in making enough original content. If you are not to get banned for duplicate content, the search engines need lots of original, unique content. This is beyond most people's capability, but is essential if you want to submit to hundreds of Article directories. Software such as Unique Article Wizard steps in to fill this need. From your original article it will produce hundreds of different versions - not by mechanical substitution methods, but using your own words. The search engines get what they want and give you a high ranking. Your traffic is multiplied and you get what you want - customers with an open wallet and an intention to spend.

Google Snatch is the preferred software for getting top search engine listings. Petor Angell shows you how to put it on steroids using Unique Article Wizard.

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