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How Breaking Even With Google AdWords Is Profitable Business

How Breaking Even With Google AdWords Is Profitable Business
by Christopher Stigson

The big secret with AdWords is that once you know what you are doing.. you'll be making so much money it's crazy and if you don't know or are on the verge it's a long road ahead, or you'll end up losing money for sure. If you know AdWords like a master you'll find yourself making thousands and never have to worry about money ever again.

Most people online do not know how to "create traffic themselves".. they rely on partners, Joint Ventures and things like that. While this is fine "in theory" they do not know the real business of internet marketing... Which is essentially advertising + selling + backend. If you can get profitable ROI from an adwords campaign in practically any niche you are set for life.

What's the real secrets behind adwords anyway? AdWords in most people's eyes is an "expense", but you cannot look at it like that. AdWords is an investment.. There's risk involved, but there are also huge long lasting rewards hiding behind door #1. When you start seeing it as an investment, like you are buying a house or something, your mindset will change.

Getting a ROI that's positive is considered pretty hard for most people and beating adwords is a science by itself. Investing money on AdWords and breaking even has made many millionaires.. sounds crazy right? How can I make money when I'm breaking even? It's all about leads and backend strategies. When you have a bigger collection of leads you are able to choose whater you want and profit from anything, all the time.

So the truth is that you need to simply funnel your prospects from "browsers" to "clients" and not "customers" as most people do.. They act as affiliates and sell other people's stuff and build their business while they have absolultely no leverage themselves. I personally can't stand seeing this... (It's okay at first, but you should always move to bigger and better things!)

Once your list reaches around 10,000 people you'll be able to sell your list space, get ads in newsletters for profits and so much more. This is not the end of the road and you need a lot more established ideas before you'll be able to rake in anything substancial online.

A person who buys from you should definitely know about your backend, upsells and high end products. Focus on getting people to buy your lead in product at $17-$97 and then move them up a sales funnel to something higher, then something higher and spend more time and energy on these people. Alright? Cool!

A lead is a lead and you should treat them well and keep them on your lists. If it's your free tirekicker list, get them to invest in something more risky, by building a relationship with them. Establish trust and upsell them your $497 homestudycourse that's in downloadable format online. They may not get it, so make them know about your $2999 coaching classes instead... understand?

See how that "free lead" at $0.50 is now worth thousands instead of the "$47 upfront"? Good. Now you need to get down to business and set up a backend strategy worth pursuing. You can do this either as an affiliate and get $1500 commissions on other people's coaching classes or you can have your own, but I prefer to actually take a comission on this as it's hard work to take on clients, but it's easy to refer them to other sites at a profit..

This is exactly how many of these "big name gurus" are making their money... They are not making "much at all" just selling freaking e-books as an affiliate off of AdWords, let me tell you right now! That's insane to believe. Their backend strategies are so strong you wouldn't believe it and THAT'S how it's done. Do what they do, no what they tell you to do.. Alright?

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