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A Simple Guide to PPC

A Simple Guide to PPC
by Jack J Giovanni

The main benefit of pay per click marketing is how in a relatively short period of time, the amount of traffic a web site receives can be increased dramatically. For a while now, people have been using this technique as it is clear this type of marketing comes out far ahead of other methods of advertising. Many internet users will see the ads but don't fully understand how pay per click works so below are listed a few hints to make this easier to grasp.

Essentially, when you decide that you want to try this kind of advertising, you will create a small ad referring to your site that will be put up on a larger site that many people frequently look at. Very simply, you will pay the site (that the traffic comes from) a small amount from your account but only providing the visitor stays more than 10 seconds. There are a couple of pints to remember about this: your advert will be related to the subject of the site it is being used on and these sites are generating huge amounts of traffic. However this is not the only advantage because you only pay for the advertising when it is used, which means if someone doesn't visit your site through the link you do not pay.

This is where the cost benefits come in against other forms of marketing where there is a cost up front without any guarantee the advert will even be noticed. Some people are worried about competitors clicking to run up their bill or lose them from the screen completely but in practice this rarely happens. From a business viewpoint, pay per click marketing is extremely effective at targeting the exact market the business wants. You basically have a captive audience of people looking for something you are marketing, on a related site they are visiting.

By now most people have experienced the Google Adwords pay per click system which has grown dramatically in recent years. The process is easy to understand; all you need to do is provide Google with the phrase or word that you want people to use to see your advert. The searches that are then made on that term will bring up natural results and paid examples which may show at the side or at the top of the page.

For many people, part of the appeal about pay per click marketing is the immediacy. It doesn't take very long for you t discover whether you will need to adjust the advert. This is a simple and easy system to understand that is incredibly powerful and effective at the same time so it is not surprising that almost all companies use pay per click search marketing.

PPC advertising is not only great for generating sales and qualified traffic, it's also the one of the best possible keyword research tool available. Using PPC is really the only way to obtain guarantee #1 rankings for the most popular and "long-tail" search terms on most major search engines.

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