Thursday, May 22, 2008

How To Get A Better Search Engine Ranking

How To Get A Better Search Engine Ranking
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The success of your home business is mostly dependent upon your visibility on the Internet. What does this mean? Let me explain...

When you or any other person searches for something on the Internet, they choose three to four words or keyword phrases and type these in a search engine browser. When you do this, many web pages containing the keywords you searched on are displayed. Often the results returned may include hundreds, thousands or even millions of pages.

Web sites that rank on the first couple pages get a tremendous amount of exposure to web searchers because the majority of people simply will not continue to review results past the 2nd or 3rd page.

This is one of the main reasons why you need to consider ways to improve your search engine rankings if you are serious about owning a successful web site.

Here are some simple tips that can improve your search engine rank quickly

1. Keywords are very important and the very first stepping stone in achieving SEO (search engine optimization) is choosing the right keywords to optimize your site. There are many popular keyword search tools for this purpose that will help you to find hundreds of potential keyword phrases. Aim to choose keywords that have a good number of daily searches, but are not so competitive that it will be difficult to achive a high search engine rank. Wordtracker is an excellent tool to use for this purpose.

2. Position your keywords in the right places on your web page. A better search engine rank can be achieved if the main keywords are placed in areas such as the title tag, in the main heading and subheading tags, throughout the body of your web pages and the alt attribute of image text. It can also help if your keywords are in the domain name.

3. Content is king and in order to have your page achieve a good search engine rank, you need to write (or purchase) fresh original content. When your website's content is updated regularly the search engine spiders will return more regularly and index the pages on your website website. Ensure that your content is exceptional so that not only the search engines like it, but people do as well.

4. Obtaining links from content relevant websites is essential and can have an extremely significant impact on your search engine ranking. Your website's popularity is measured by the importance and number of other similar and established websites that link to your website. The more websites linking out to you, the higher your website will climb in the seach engine rankings. You can also build backlinks by joining different discussion forums and communities which relate to your website, distributing articles with an author resource box linking to your website, submitting your site to directories, commenting on websites and blogs and exchanging links with other webmasters..

These are just some of the ways that can help you to get a better search engine ranking. You need to understand that SEO is a must if you want good, targeted, free traffic to your website. Before you call in experts, remember that most of the SEO techniques you can learn and do yourself. If you do call in SEO experts be prepared to pay quite a bit of money.

Suzanne Morrison has achieved a top search engine rank for many of her websites. For more free tips and advice on SEO visit her website to learn how to get a Higher Search Engine Ranking.

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