Monday, May 12, 2008

Social Networking For Those Who Want To Connect

The new age mantra of socializing is through social networking. It helps you connect with the top guys of a company. All you have to do is open your profile on a top networking site like Friendster or LinkedIn. You might have 10 friends in your contact list, those 10 friends might have 10 friends each in their contact list, and those 10 friends would further have their friends list and so on and so forth. This means that your profile can be visible to thousands of people.

Why Social Network Is Beneficial

First and foremost we should know that social networking is very cheap compared to other forms of networking. You open your profile for no cost. Companies who social network save a lot of money through it, which is not the case in advertising.

It gives you a chance to prescreen your customers, before you meet them, you know a bit about their personal preferences and like and dislikes.

You get an edge with your customer on a more friendly and personal basis. This is not the case with advertising. Advertising is not personal or customized to every one’s needs. In social network you connect at a more personal level.

By connecting with your customers at a more personal level you build credibility for yourself. The golden rule to be effective in a social network is to give before you receive. The more you give, the more you shall receive. A word of caution here! If you are big time into promoting your business then you might be spamed.

It is true that there are hardly any costs involved to social network but one has to invest a lot of time and research into building friends. It is only when you get very friendly in a personal manner that you can ask your friend to introduce you to a prospect.

How To Be Effective

Whenever possible give your valuable input through blogging or writing meaningful articles. There are sites where you can blog, give out valuable information about the topic and very subtly direct the reader to your site. People like to do business with those whom they trust and know at a personal level.


Though the networking scene is still new, it is catching up like wild fire. Businessmen nowadays are employing staff to constantly social network Yes. it is cheap but it takes up a lot of time. There are so many networking sites on the web. It is better to open your profile in a highly rated site like LinkedIn, Facebook, Friendster etc. Remember to keep updating your profile to your current stature and keep giving your inputs in the form of articles, blogs, live chat or simply your comments on somebody else’s blog or article. This will not only make you popular but also give you credibility which is so important to build any kind of relationship.

The Complete Guide To Social Bookmarking

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