Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How to Find the Perfect Niche Market

How to Find the Perfect Niche Market
by John De La Crois

Niche marketing is all about catering to a specific group of people.

How do you go about to find niche topics ?

When you find a niche topic by using the secrets of keyword research on that very moment you will be able to make a lot of money online. You can do this by making use of keyword databases or you can opt for pay per click engines that will throw up a list of keywords for any of the topics you can imagine

You want to market your new invention, the lighter, to the people that want it the most. You're trying to find a niche market, people who like to smoke or cook or cauterize things, they are the ones you need. But how can you find out what exactly they like? By searching for similar items and checking on popularity ratings.

Think about it like this: What is an item, already on the market, similar in function to lighters? Matches. A lighter is really just a big automatic, reusable match anyway. So you think about who uses matches, and you come up with people who like to make campfires. Lighters are good for that. But it could be better. That's when those long neck lighters were invented. The lighter company had to find a niche market, and they did with campfire and grill lighters.

The price of the product being promoted decides your margins of profit which means you may have to start with items that are priced low. Also, secrets of keyword research lies in the fact that you need to learn that markets with high levels of competition may mean the chances of making money are better, and so you may need to check how popular a topic is by getting search estimates for monthly periods from any available lists.

You can also learn other secrets of keyword research and that is to visit Yahoo bid tool and learn of the topmost bids, and another secrets of keyword research is to try Google Adwords account to get an idea. All you need to do to use these secrets of keyword research is visit tools, traffic estimator and then put in your keyword and also select maximum cost per click that you can afford to pay as well as a daily budget. After this, the traffic estimator should show you the results and it may come to your attention that the most numbers of clicks are obtained by a very select number of keywords, which are the ones to make your ads revolve around.

So the steps to finding your niche market are these: Observe your target audience. Find out what they like, find out what they dislike. Mold your ad campaigns toward them. Going back to the example, a commercial for lighters could go something like this:

A man is standing in the middle of a park, alone. It's cold, and it's cloudy, and he removes a lone cigarette from the pack. He brings the cigarette to his lips. The wind blows his hair across his face as he removes from his pocket a box of matches. He tries to light the cigarette once, twice, three times, and each time the wind blows the flame out before it reaches the tip of the cigarette. He finally drops the matches on the ground, shoves the cigarette back into his pocket, and walks off screen. Next we see the same man, smiling, using a lighter, lighting the cigarette in the same windy park he was in before. It only takes one try.

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