Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How To Develop Your Business Through Article Writing

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It is an irrevocable fact that you can’t develop a business by bad article writing. Here are some guidelines on effective article writing.

Learn self editing – The most effective way is to read your article over and over again. This way, you will feel the flow of the article as well as the errors in the individual sentences. This will provide clues for you to restructure your article for readability.

Take a break mid way – Avoid article writing in one go. Take a pause or engage yourself in another activity. When you resume, you will be back with a wealth of new ideas.

Consult an expert. This could mean consulting a professional or simply reading a style guide book. There are plenty of style guide books in the market. Buy one to suit your business needs. There are style guides for technical writing, business writing and even freelance writing. Style guides provide tips on grammar and syntax.

Create a structure – Article writing needs a good structure. The structure comes in the form of an outline. It can be a traditional one with upper case and lower case or roman numerals; or a table of contents. This will provide you a framework for article writing....read more

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