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Create a USP That Rocks

Create a USP That Rocks

In order to succeed in a home-based business you can NOT be like everybody else. You need to stand out from the crowd. Always keep in mind that you don't want to be "just another fish in the sea." You want to be the biggest, brightest and fastest fish in the sea! So how do you do this? You create a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). A USP is how you stand apart from the crowd. It is what separates you from your competition and gets you noticed. Here are a few examples of companies with clear, concise and memorable USP's:

HEAD AND SHOULDERS: We get rid of dandruff

DOMINOS PIZZA: Pizza in 30 minutes or less or it's FREE

FedEx: When your package positively, absolutely has to get there overnight

M & M's: The milk chocolate melts in your mouth not in your hands

Olay: For younger looking skin

Your USP must contain the following three components:

1) You must offer the customer a specific benefit (if you buy this product, you will receive this benefit).

2) Your offer must be unique and different than your competition.

3) Your offer must be compelling enough to pull in new customers. Once you create a USP that truly stands out, you will find prospects lining up at your door! With all of the competition in the home-based business industry, you must find a way to make yourself unique. Use the following 6-Step Formula to Create Your USP!

Step 1: Describe Your Benefits

Describe the 3 biggest benefits that customers would receive by joining your business opportunity. Here's the reality of the situation. Your prospect doesn't care if you offer the best quality, service, or price. Those are simply features of your business opportunity. Your prospect only cares what your business does for him/her. (For instance, will the prospect be happier, healthier, wealthier, or smarter?)

Step 2: How are You Unique?

Remember, you MUST offer your prospect something that others DO NOT offer him/her. Basically, your USP separates you from the competition so that the prospect feels that clearly the best option is to join your company (as opposed to your competition). Think of the different ways in which you can differentiate yourself from your competition. What unique qualities, attributes or skills do you have to offer?

Step 3: What Problem Can You Solve?

At this very moment, there are numerous problems in the home-based business industry that customers would like to see solved.

- How to find good leads - How to find a supportive sponsor - How to keep a downline active - How to market online - How to talk to prospects on the phone - The list goes on and on!

Identify some problems that you see in the home-based business industry and write them down. Now, how could you help solve or alleviate any of those problems? Be creative! There are many ways that you could help ease some of the burdens of the home-based business industry. Are you a caring and supportive sponsor? Do you have great phone skills? Do you understand the internet? Write down how you could help solve a problem below. Just make sure that you can deliver on your promises!

Step 4: Be Specific and Offer Proof

Do not just claim that you are the best sponsor in the world. This means virtually nothing to your prospects. Remember, prospects in today's world are skeptical and will need specific examples and proof that you can fulfill your promises. What specific examples and proof can you offer your prospects?

Step 5 Use Your USP In ALL Your Marketing Materials

Variations of your USP will be included in ALL your marketing materials such as your...

- Advertising and sales copy headlines;

- Business cards, brochures, flyers, & signs;

- Your "elevator pitch", phone, and sales scripts;

- Letterhead, letters, & postcards;

- Website & Internet marketing.


After going through some of the above steps, take some time to write out a USP for yourself that you will be able to use in conjunction with your business opportunity. Your USP should be clear and concise. You want your prospects to see the benefits and unique qualities that you have to offer so that they feel compelled to join you!

Jessica Swanson is an extremely successful entrepreneur, marketer, and life coach. She has achieved a high six-figure income, and mentored hundreds of other on how to achieve the same. You can find her at http://www.unlimitedprosperityteam.com/

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