Thursday, May 8, 2008

Six Keys To Becoming Successful With Internet Marketing

Six Keys To Becoming Successful With Internet Marketing

Focus, Dedicate , Concentrate

Have you ever had a job? Do you currently have a job?

Yeah, I know some web marketers make fun of the word "job" referring to a situation where you actually "go to work" everyday for an employer. Because they are self employed, they consider themselves "free" from the humdrum existence that the majority of people live.

Is there really much difference?

Well, yes it's always better to be able to chart your own course.

However, outside of that, both ways of making a living demand the same kind of time, effort, and dedication. O yes, there are the glamour stories of the occasional internet star who puts together a web page and "gets rich overnight". You really have no idea of the actual time that was invested..

The reality, even if you're running your own internet business, is that dedication, lots of time and work, and single minded focus are the leading causes of marketing success. fact, it's very likely that the self employed marketer will put in even more time than if he were working for an outside employer.

Oh, but the rewards of being one's own navigator are so wonderful that the time and dedication required are always worth it!

Here's an old saying that is pretty much true: If you want to make a living...get a job, if you want to make money, be your own boss.

However, being your own boss requires dedication, and drive.

If you are willing to invest yourself, you can make a lot of money with internet marketing. In order to be successful on line...I mean make a lot of money, there are six very important factors to consider:

1. You must have a goal. You must set the amount of income you plan to make for the month. You cannot allow yourself to fall below the planned amount. If you have leisure time, it's after you've assured your specified income for the month. It doesn't matter that you are working for your wages.

2. You must have a plan for reaching that goal. If your business is centered around dog training, you must determine what types of info documents, and how many - at what price-you'll need to market for the month in order to reach your income goal. You must also determine what kinds of and how much free information you must put together for your loyal customers. You must determine how much time you'll dedicate to research for your market. You must lay out on your calendar, the work that must be completed each day.

3.You must focus on completing each step of your plan. You must not be distracted. You must complete each step of the plan. Remember, this is not a hobby. This is your livelihood. The relaxation comes after the business is established and able to run on autopilot.

4. You must not rely solely on your autopilot. Stay in touch with your market. Correspond with them. Ask them what they need. Ask them how you can better help them. Send them good free info.

5. You must learn to tweak. Once you have your business up and running, you must be willing to tweak it here and there and test the results until it is producing at a maximum return. Don't settle for less if it will produce more.

6. Finally, give something back. Don't forget the marketplace who enabled you to work your business. Help others be successful. This will pay you more than all the money in terms of satisfaction and fulfillment.

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