Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2 Free Internet Advertising Techniques That Squash Paid Techniques

2 Free Internet Advertising Techniques That Squash Paid Techniques
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Is there a way to get the word out about your business without all the expensive advertising that so many marketers say you have to take part in? The answer is yes and many of these techniques totally blow the paid techniques out of the water.

What would you rather do? Pay $200 on a pay per click campaign that might bring you 500 visitors (if you're lucky) or bring in 1000 visitors to your new website without spending a single dime?

Looks like the answer is pretty obvious unless you don't understand business basics and you simply want to throw money out the window.

You're about to find out two very simple techniques that anyone can use no matter what you're experience. These free techniques have been proven to blow the paid methods out of the water when it comes to generating free website traffic.

Traffic Trading

Most marketers baulk at the idea of having to link to another website because they think that all of their visitors are going to go to their site without making the website owner any money. The truth is that 80% of your visitors are going to leave your website anyway without ever making you any money.

So why not link to someone else and have them link to you? This isn't about link building where you trade links with each other on a link page. This is about putting a link to another website right on the frontpage of your website for everyone to see?

Why? Because that other high trafficked website is going to do the same thing. You probably didn't realize that this is the number one technique use by adult website webmasters did you?

All you need to do is find in the same or similar niche as your website and contact them and ask them to do some type of banner exchange. Most webmasters won't bite because they are afraid of losing traffic but if you explain what was mentioned above you will get a bite and you both will see the power of traffic trading.

Social Bookmarking

Most internet marketers don't know the first thing about social bookmarking or how it can really benefit their business but social bookmarking is a gold mine when it comes to generating free website traffic.

The number one benefit of social bookmarking is link building. As a website owner you need to get high powered links from popular websites and that's exactly what social bookmarking can do for you. Simply setup accounts at the popular social bookmarking websites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Propeller and others (do a search on Google for more) and bookmark your websites. Now don't only bookmark your own websites, you also want to be sure to bookmark other high quality websites as well or your account will get shut down for only marking your sites.

The second major benefit of social bookmarking is what is called link baiting. When someone finds a website that has something they really like they bookmark it and if the information is really good then many other people will start to bookmark it which brings more and more visitors to your website and it just starts to have a snowball effect.

These two free traffic generation techniques can be very powerful if you stick with them and don't give up. Free traffic really is that simple.

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