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Adsense and SEO

Adsense and SEO
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Amongst all the tricks and secrets you may have heard from various gurus, one of the main areas for better traffic when optimizing your site for Adsense is a clear and well defined foundation of search engine optimization.

The trend at the moment is working with social networking and social bookmarking sites, putting backlinks upon them and getting traffic. The backlinks help bolster your page rank and increase the search engines sense of 'authority' your web pages have. It is this return visit the search engine crawlers make when following the links that are important.

If your web page isn't sensibly optimized for the keyword phrase, the backlink isn't going to be worth much. However if the crawler meets your web page with a sense of well organized quality, your website's backlink is worth considerably more.

Let's assume for one moment that you've put an 'anchor text' for "property in Kensington" upon one of your blogs on a social network. This blog's backlink points back to a page that has a page extension called "property in London" and both the meta tag title and headings tags refer to "apartments in London". Apart from a human visitor being confused, the search engine crawler can't find the words "property in Kensington" and therefore stops crawling and leaves your site. Google being the biggest search engine, may not even show that backlink because of irrelevance.

One backlink to a quality website has more value than 20 backlinks to a poorly optimized site. 18 months ago the story was different, webmasters were able to trick the search engines with a 1,000 backlinks obtained with various 'black hat' methods, and also get ranked higher than a quality site. Crazy growth in websites and backlinks throw up a question mark to the search engines, and more recently have been getting human visits from the search engines to determine what is going on.

If you build your Adsense website correctly from the outset, you will receive dividends in the long term.

Building your Adsense website is a long term strategy and creating a good SEO foundation is imperative. I hope that the one tip above has made you consider tweaking your website for better optimization.

Adsense can be a good money earner if you approach it right, as a business, and not as a temporary flirtation with online income. My own main tip is not to do too much too soon.

Senior Adsense and SEO Optimizer

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