Friday, October 24, 2008

How to Design A Successful Website- A Practical Guide!

How to Design A Successful Website- A Practical Guide!
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There are millions of websites out there, but only a small percentage of them ever reach a higher ranking or even manage to pull in more than a couple visitors a day. The world wide web contains a plethora of information, but the fact is that most of the information available is unqualified. Because there is so much unqualified information on the internet, you have to really stand out if you want to make your website successful. Anyone can show up and start a website related to topics they barely know of. But only a handful of people actually understand their topic or scope and capitalize successfully. It is that handful of people which makes up more than 80% of the web's revenue.

So how exactly can you design a successful website? Here are some pointers to get you started:

1. Create unique content: Forget article spinners and replicators. They are now very easily spotted by search engine algorithms. Search engines love unique content, which means that the content you feature on your website should not be anywhere else on the web. This can only happen if you allow only qualified people to provide content, or write the content yourself.

2. Target a certain segment: Creating a website catering to multiple purposes can be successful, but statistics have proven that specialized websites are by far easier to generate revenue with. So stick with a single topic or scope. If you are starting a news website, do not accept all types of news. Stick with a niche and you will succeed.

3. Encourage frequent visits: Use a mailing list to capture your subscribers and be in constant touch with them. Give them a reason to visit your website frequently. This will generate a critical mass of interest, boosting your search engine rankings as well as your traffic.

4. Do not over-advertise: Do not fill up your website with meaningless banners or sponsors in hopes for a quick buck. Websites which have organized, sparsely used advertisements provide a more professional look. This builds trust faster and can improve your business in the long-run.

5. Base your website on an idea: I cannot state this enough. The money is not in the website itself. It is in the underlying idea. What is your idea? Do you wish to bring the music community together? Is your website catered to bringing single moms to a central platform to solve their problems? Remember, the money is in the idea.

I hope this article was helpful. Remember, anyone can design a website. Only a handful people do it correctly and reap massive benefits.

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