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What Do They Mean by "Target Your Market" and How Does it Apply to My Business?

What Do They Mean by "Target Your Market" and How Does it Apply to My Business?
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It's all about quality, not quantity! Smart marketers target certain people.

Some people online seem to think they have to interest every single person who reads their ad or sales letter. Not true! You only need to interest a select few. These are the 3% that WILL buy. These are the people you are speaking to. These few will make you all the money you need. You want buyers -- not warm bodies! The people who get on your optin list and are just looking for free info take up your valuable time and resources. But they do not return anything to you. Avoid them!

But you still have to GET to those select few. And the only way to do that is with dynamic, powerful and very skillfully done marketing materials. This could be electrifying copy writing, powerful videos, or a well done eBook that goes viral and ends up in the email boxes of the all of the 3 percenters. If there is nothing about your service or product or opportunity that excites readers, you are going to have a hard go of it. That's why you should only concern yourself with those that WILL be excited.

In my opinion, this is the only way to work with niche markets. To appeal to a particular subgroup of buyers, you must slant your communications to be more relevant to them. You want to use language that your niche market uses. You certainly don't want to use words that a software author would understand if you're writing for an audience of stay-at-home moms looking for easy recipes! If you're writing to the average American reader, you would use PhD level literary skills.

You have to believe in what you offer. People who have passion about their opportunity, product or service are more successful almost without exception.

At the same time, your customers and prospects need to have a little passion about your product, service and opportunity. Your passion must be contagious! They must sense what you sense. The reader must feel what you feel. You have to get them caught up in the intensity of your strong beliefs service, product and opportunity. This comes automatically if you have the belief, but skills are a big plus. Targeting your market correctly also wins a big head start. If they're passionate about the problem you're helping them solve, why would they NOT be excited about the solution?

What are you offering people that allows them to make a strong emotional connection to you, your company, or your product and opportunity? It doesn't matter what you provide, be it a line of vitamins, toys, or plumbing services. Your prospective customers need to feel the value of the product. They need to see and understand what your product will do for them. They must get excited!

Project your passion to your prospects and some of them will respond. The ones you want to respond will respond! And that's what counts. That's why you're only trying to get THEIR attention.

You can make a big profit catering to a select minority. You don't need to appeal to the majority of people. You just have to make a small group of people like your offer and like it very much. For example, in your business a person may pay $3000 or more for a simple direct mail package. Now, that sounds like a lot of money to some people. And it is. But if that person builds a million dollar business from that one direct mail package the $3000 is mere pocket change! So everything is relevant. You want to appeal to buyers. In most cases, price is not a factor. People will pay the price if it's valuable to them. You want your offer to appeal to people who want, and are actively seeking what you provide. Not people who really can't afford the product. People that can't afford it are not actively seeking it. But they may be curious about free info...(They'll most likely stay on your autoresponder forever)

You want to target your message to the type of people you want to respond. If you want buyers, you target buyers. Of course this tends to make the group you are aiming at smaller. But if you hit them with a personalized message they will be more responsive than if you use the so-called "shotgun" approach with a weak, broad message that ends up being of little interest to anyone. These messages are not heard above the roar of marketing that people are inundated daily.

Don't be politically correct in this. Target certain age, gender, race, religion, political views, anything that will get their attention.

Your marketing material must have a powerful punch. I see sales letters everyday written by people who mean well. They simply don't know how to get their point across. And they try to target too large an audience. If you can avoid these traps you can join the ranks of the successful marketers. Remember that the 80/20 rule applies everywhere. 80% of marketing success is had by 20% of the marketers. What are you willing to do to become one of the 20 percenters?

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