Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Top Ways To Earn An Income With A Stay At Home Business

Top Ways To Earn An Income With A Stay At Home Business
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Today when we talk about ways to earn an income with a stay at home business pretty much everything centers around the Internet. In this article we want to give you the top ways you can earn an income with a stay at home business using your computer and Internet connection.

1. You can make money taking surveys or doing data entry. This is actually possible because there are businesses that will pay consumers for their opinions. It not only gives you an opportunity to help influence the shape and design of future products, but it also allows you to earn money doing it.

2. Network marketing with companies such as Amway or Avon has been around for over 40 years. Today, there are literally thousands of network marketing companies you can join and make money with.

3. Affiliate marketing is where you get paid to sell other people's products. This is an excellent way to start making money with a stay at home business online. There are many different ways to make money with affiliate marketing, and selling other people's products is one of them.

4. Recruit affiliates and get paid on their sales. This is known as two-tier affiliate marketing and is a great way to make money on the efforts of others if you enjoy working with people.

5. Buy products and sell them on eBay. Many millionaires have been created from products bought and sold on eBay. This is a great way to make a part-time income or even a full-time business.

6. Start your own blog and sell things on it. Search engines love blogs and so do readers. If you have something you enjoy talking about, you might as well try earning money talking about it online.

7. Write website or blog articles and get paid for them. There is a huge potential market for this because millions of websites owners and bloggers are crying out for content. If you enjoy writing, you can make a lot of money working from home doing this.

8. Become a virtual assistant and get paid to work for companies from the comfort of your own home. Many businesses prefer telecommuting employees over those who drive to work. As a virtual assistant you can provide your talents to businesses and get paid to do things such as typing, answering the phone, bookkeeping, and so on.

9. Sell memberships and earn residual income from them. Website hosting is an example of a membership service that you can sell and get paid every month as long as the account is maintained. Niche marketing sites offer great residual income opportunities too.

These are the most effective ways to earn an income with a stay at home business. You are only limited by the extent of your ability to come up with new ideas, but you can certainly earn as much money as you want working from the comfort of your own home. So if, right now, you feel that your ability to discover new opportunities is limited, bear in mind that "hard work pays off".

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