Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gradually Climb Your Way to the Top of Google's Search Engine

Gradually Climb Your Way to the Top of Google's Search Engine
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What are the chances that tomorrow, a 2 week old website would make it to the top of the search engine rankings for one your most competitive keywords? Logically speaking, you more than likely have greater chances of winning the lottery. Now, here is another question: What are the chances that tomorrow, a 2 week old website would make it to the top of the search engine rankings for one of your least competitive keywords? Now that seems to be a more achievable goal.

Let's pretend that you optimized an entire page on your website selling a used 1995 white Ford-150 with low miles. And let's also assume that Google is already spidering, indexing, and ranking your site. Now, if someone types in the keyword phrase: used 1995 white Ford-150, then there would be a fairly high chance that your page would be at the top of the search engine rankings. Why is this? Because with such a specific search, you will have very few people competing for that #1 spot.

Now, let's take our F-150 example a bit further. Let us pretend that 2 weeks ago you created your website for your F-150 used car lot that you own in San Diego, California. Let's also pretend that you plan to expand your business to other areas across the country, so your real goal is to get the #1 spot for the keyword phrase: used F-150. Well, you can get that number #1 spot, and here's how you could eventually do it: First, you will need to create a number of pages and listings for various phrases associated with used F-150s. Before you knew it, you could dominate the #1 spot for search terms such as: used F-150 in California, used F-150s in San Diego, etc. You could also dominate many #1 spots for the specific years and colors of used F-150s that people may be looking for.

Here's what you do second: You create even more pages, articles, blog posts, and whatever content you can create for your website that deals with used F-150s. Before you know it, you may have even forgotten that your target keyword phrase was: used F-150s. You will start to get a whole lot of free website traffic and sales from the more specific keyword phrases.

To get your number 1 spot for your target keyword phrase, you then just need to follow step #3 of the process. This step is to simply continue to create your content and wait. Once you have created and optimized enough content that gives you the number 1 spot for the more specific keywords, Google and other search engines will rank you as the most relevant for the broader keyword phrase, and people will see your website as the ultimate website for used F-150s.

Many webmasters become impatient and try to jump to the top of the search engines overnight. They may even attempt to follow a few of the "black hat" techniques that are out there for getting to the top. These techniques can give you temporary boosts with your search engine rankings, but if you want to stay at the top for years to come, then you'll want to climb to the top slowly like I discuss in this article. Following this 3 step process can get you the #1 spot for many of the highly competitive keywords that will greatly enhance your business.

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