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Part 1 Of How To Profit Online In Five Simple Steps

Part 1 Of How To Profit Online In Five Simple Steps
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People often ask me: "What's the best thing I can do to profit online?"

I've never been one to beat around the bush so I say, "Do you really want to know or are you just asking!".

At this point they might say something like, “What's the secret?!”. I tell them that there is no secret! I tell them that they need to provide value before they can expect people to give them money! It sounds like common sense but I'm still amazed at how much people will do without educating themselves first. They want results and they want them now. They don't want to learn they just want! I try and tell them "It doesn't work that way! You have to be willing to spend $100 on the odd course to add to your knowledge so you can have something to teach people that buy from you, you have to build your value so you can be attractive to your buyers.

Now I'm certainly not suggesting you buy every Online Top Tips Secret Course tomorrow! But what I am saying is that it pays to invest in your education.

So the topic I'm going to cover today is “How to Profile Online in Five Steps”.

1) First of all, you're going to need something to market

It sounds simple doesn't it? Unfortunately, this is where most people get lost in a flurry of endless useless activity.

They get lost in all of the information that is out there. They don’t spend enough time marketing, but spend too much time choosing a product that's "perfect", then when it doesn't market itself they wonder why they haven't made any money! Then they'll say it didn't work!

IT doesn't work YOU work! YOU have to market it. You have to put in some kind of effort before you call something a scam and say that "It doesn't work!”.

So when you're choosing a product to market, don't get caught up reading reviews from people that were too lazy to work. They call everything a scam because it will always be useless to them. They get mad about that and instead of making an effort to actually promote something of value, they'll charge you $25 to read their special report on "What Your Upline Won’t Tell You!" Ann Siegel fans beware!

At this point, I also feel that it is crucial to mention that promoting your own products is probably not a good idea if you're new to internet marketing, or if you haven't made any money from it yet!

Selling your own products takes a lot more time, energy and money and as a newbie you'll be hard pressed to create something that people will actually want to buy, so take note! A lot of people get all emotional at this point and think that something's great because they created it!

Don't trust yourself until you have made some real money! You'll be thanking me later when your experience promoting others’ products puts you in a position where you can sell an E-book and some Recordings for $97 and sell 100 to your list just by sending out one email. Your list will grow naturally if you follow the steps provided in this email. You'll also feel confident charging such a price because you'll know that the value you're providing is worth FAR more than $97!

So, ideally you would pick two programs that you would feel comfortable talking about in depth. Companies that you can be passionately and genuinely enthusiastic about. This point is crucial because your job is going to involve you talking about them A LOT, so do your research and take your time until you find something that suits you personally.

Don't be tempted to skip this point and just pick the first thing that catches your eye! If you get stuck, take some time out from your computer for a while, sit down with a pen and a piece of paper and write down what your main interests are so that you can look for a product that complements your true nature. Take some time because it will pay off handsomely later :-) Plus you want to make sure you come across as congruent.

I feel passionate about promoting GRN and The LGN because I love travel and all the other fabulous re-sell rights I get with those companies. I do well promoting these companies because people sense that I believe that what I'm promoting is valuable. If you believe that what you're promoting is valuable then the only thing that could possibly block you from achieving financial success online is … laziness!

So after you've done some thinking and you've worked out what you'd like to promote, you need to ensure that you have at least two different price points. This is crucial because some people will want to be in a high ticket program ($1000 + commissions) and others will have a negative attitude to making high ticket commissions because they don't have money and they can't imagine having any! This attitude turns them away from the more advanced high ticket programs.

Some companies like Global Resorts Network have a joining fee of $1500 or $3000 if you want the product too, however, if you don't want the product you can just join as an affiliate for $100 and this caters to the lower end of the market whilst still giving them the opportunity to make $1000 commissions on their front and back line sales :-) I would still recommend having a lower priced product too for $200 or so, that way you're completely covered and you can cater for those who either cannot afford the high ticket programs, or are stuck with their negative thinking (as mentioned previously).

2) By now you should have your two different products to market and you can move on to the fun stuff which is “Branding Yourself” :-)

Branding is crucial in this industry and is becoming more and more important across the board in all industries as time goes by. It is about building relationships with others. Branding yourself makes people feel like they know you. When they feel like they know you, they trust you, and selling is all about building and keeping trust. You'll need to deliver valuable content to them consistently, beginning with a free email course that you can set up via your auto-responder. There is a lot of debating going on about how often you should mail your list and I would recommend no more than once a day, as less is more sometimes - especially if you find yourself doing it for the sake of doing it! Have a day off here and there to keep your messages and videos useful to your customers. My motto is: “If it doesn't give people value as soon as they read it, whether emotionally, spiritually, physically or financially, then DON'T send it! As long as you're delivering valuable content that they can put into practice immediately in some way, shape or form, then they'll always be happy to receive emails from you :-)

Stay Tuned For Part Two....

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