Thursday, October 9, 2008

VSEO Traffic The New Form Of Media

VSEO Traffic The New Form Of Media
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Videos are all the rage these days and to be perfectly honest with you, I like watching videos more than reading any day of the week. If your new to video or are looking at using video in your marketing here are some tips to help you succeed at making the most out of your video production.

Video Production

Tips 1. My first tip would be outline and pick the keyword or phrase or topic your going to do the video on.

2. Use professional screen capture software when making a presentation video. There are free versions out there all you will have to do is do a search for free screen capture software in your favorite search engine and you should be in business. Just download it and away you go.

3. This next tip is optional but make sure your have a nice layout and a beginning middle and end. You can use anything to do this, a free website editor or word . However I suggest using PowerPoint to create presentations then record them with Camtasia and talk while you go through the video your making.

4. Make it a how to style video, what I mean by that is make it informative and teach how to do something in the video no matter what the topic is about. A lot of people like to learn with how articles.

5. Make it under 3 minutes long. Youtube and a lot of other video share sites don't accept anything longer than 3 minutes and you are looking for maximum exposure, so you want to get your video uploaded to as many sites as possible.

6. Plan your videos ahead of time as this will cut down on wasted time and you will be able to produce more content if you have it planned out.

7. Use a submission service to cut time. You want to work smarter not harder.

8. Create a bunch of different accounts. This does two things, it reduces your internet footprint if you are in multiple niche markets and it helps you build expert stature in a particular niche.

The best thing about video traffic is it is free to make and produce.

Just make sure that you own all copyrights to the material that you upload and put your website address in the beginning and end of the video at least to maximize traffic flow. Also remember to create a call to action or a sense of urgency at the end of the video, after all you want people to visit your website or offer!

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