Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blogging for Profit Begins Overcoming These Two Obstacles

Blogging for Profit Begins Overcoming These Two Obstacles
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What is your blogging for profit plan? Many marketers have big dreams about building up big time profits with a blog. That is a great goal and very attainable but what is your plan for achieving that goal?

Most likely you already have what it takes to build a profitable blogging empire. If you have even below average intelligence and the will to work that you can do it.

But why is it that very few, less than 5% actually, ever attain the goal that they made of making a full time income from blogging?

There are big reasons that keep most bloggers from hitting it big. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading because they are about to be laid out for you so you can keep from making these same mistakes.

Reason number one as to why most people do not succeed with their blog is that their expectations for how fast the money will come in is very unrealistic and in turn they end up giving up before they ever gave their blog a chance so succeed.

The second problem that many bloggers end up having is that their blog traffic does not come in as fast and as huge as they expected. There is a lot of bad information floating around on the internet about how to generate free traffic to a blog, what's worse is that most of it will cost you money to learn.

You can overcome these two obstacles very easily so that you will not give up. If you stay with it then you will reap the rewards.

Overcoming the first problem is simple, don't expect to quit your day job next month and don't put in so much time that you get burned out. Most people spend every waking moment building their blog thinking that they will make so much money that they can go full time in a matter of weeks. That's not going to happen. 6 months is a realistic goal though.

Spend an hour or two per day building your blogging empire so you don't burn out.

The second obstacle is also easy to overcome. Find a marketer who has a proven traffic generating system who has given other people a successful system to follow.

Any marketer who knows what he is talking about is going to shoot you straight though and there will be work to do, if he tells you otherwise then run.

Many would be successful people give up and quit because they don't have a handle on these two dynamics. Do let yourself be one of those people. If you want to build a blogging empire then make a choice that you will not quit and find a traffic generation system that works.

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