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Automating Shipping For Your eBay Business

Automating Shipping For Your eBay Business
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Okay, so you obviously won't be able to develop a completely automated shipping system for your home business eBay business. But with these tips, you can create a shipping method that works quickly and efficiently, giving you more time to get other things done. When you are running your own at-home eBay business, you know that time is of the essence, so anywhere you can time in your work is a big help.

Designate An Area For Your Shipping Supplies

With boxes, packing tape, packing materials, scissors, and other shipping supplies, things can get messy, and quick. Designating a room or a separate area for your shipping boxes and materials can help you keep everything under control with ease. Separating your supplies into neat piles will make the packaging process much quicker. Organize your materials so that they go in order of the way you will need them: boxes, tape, scissors, and so on. This will help automate your shipping.

Purchase Postage Online

PayPal and eBay make it simple to purchase your postage online. When you receive a payment through PayPal, it automatically sets up the address and the payment method, so that you can order and print the correct shipping information right off your computer. To help automate your shipping, you can print shipping labels as soon as you confirm a received payment, and add a note to each label denoting which item is being shipped to that address. Keep these in a neat stack with your other shipping materials, so they're easy to find when you're ready to pack your items for shipping.

Use Schedule Pick-Up Services

Scheduled your shipments with a pick-up service can not only get your items shipped faster, but it saves you from ever having to go to the post office again. If you purchase shipping online through PayPal, you can also schedule a free pick-up at the same time. After you purchase your postage, choose "Schedule Package Pick-Up" and put in your address, the date you want the package to be picked up, and the location you'll be leaving the package. It's easiest for the postman if you leave your packages near your mailbox so that they are simple to find, but if you are afraid they may be stolen, you can also request that they be picked up from your front or back porch, right inside your door, or leave special instructions for another pick-up point.

Set Aside Specific Times For Packing Your Shipments

Saving a certain day or time for packing up your shipments can save you the hassle of running back and forth from the computer to your shipping area. Once or twice a week, set aside an hour to pack everything up, slap on the postage, and leave the packages for the postman to pick up for delivery. This will not only help things go much quicker, but it makes it less likely that you'll leave an item behind that you forgot to ship.

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