Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just Because You Don't Want To Hear It, Doesn't Mean It Isn't True

Just Because You Don't Want To Hear It, Doesn't Mean It Isn't True
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This article may not make me real popular with many site owners, but it is the honest truth.

So many people want top rankings but they aren't truly prepared to do what it takes to get those top rankings.

The truth is the foundation of your site is important to the success of your SEO campaign. Not all sites are built "SEO Friendly" and those errors need to be corrected or you are limiting your rankings potential.

I understand that it is no fun at all to have spent a lot of money or time on a site that looks great only to find out that the back-end is not search engine friendly at all.

Let me take a quick minute to explain what "search engine friendly" means: a site with clean code that does not block the spiders from crawling it, and does not consist of fundamental elements that the engines have a problem with.

Here are just a few of the common search engine friendly issues:

- CSS or java script on-page

- Site is built in frames

- URLs are dynamic with tons of parameters in the URL

- Site is built with session IDs

- Extraneous code which the engines have to crawl through before they get to your content

- Navigation the engines can't follow

- The site was built in a SiteBuilder that doesn't allow for proper code or optimization

So, as I said, it is difficult when you find out the site isn't designed to be SEO friendly and that it's going to take some work to fix things. However, just because you don't want to hear it doesn't mean it's not true. And the other truth is that if you are not willing to have the issues corrected, you are going to be limiting your own results in the engines.

Adding content and getting links is definitely a good idea but without a solid foundation you are going to limit the benefit of that work and hinder your rankings.

There are some things in life we can avoid, and there are other things that hurt us too much if we continue to avoid them. If you aren't sure if your site is search engine friendly, it's a good idea to find out quickly and address the problem. It isn't going to go away and it could actually get worse as the engines continue to tweak things and demand more from sites.

Jennifer Horowitz is the Director of Marketing for EcomBuffet.com. Since 1998 Jennifer's expertise in marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has helped clients increase revenue. Jennifer has written a downloadable book on SEO and has been published in many SEO and marketing publications. Jennifer is the editor of the popular Spotlight on Success: SEO and Marketing newsletter. Follow Jennifer and stay current on SEO, marketing, social media and more. http://twitter.com/EcomBuffet

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