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The Top Reason You Will Fail to Develop a Successful Online Business

The Top Reason You Will Fail to Develop a Successful Online Business
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"Ideas are a dime a dozen. The person who puts them to use is priceless." -- Joe Sabah. Reading sales letters for new products can take up a significant part of the day for those of us that run work at home businesses. Many of these products are undoubtedly full of great ideas on how to run a successful online business.

And that's what the product creators count on. You must have the "secret" ideas contained in my $997 product if you too want to have a successful online business.

So, you buy the product. You read it. You understand it. You love it. Do you wake up the next day, week, month or year with a successful online business? Of course not. To expect such a result would be ridiculous.

However, many habitual product buyers spend a lot of time thinking "I have the top 5 products from the top 5 gurus, why aren't I rich?" Because they spend all of their time learning these great ideas. But, they spend very little if any time putting any of these ideas into ACTION in their work at home businesses.

Without a doubt, the top reason those who start work at home businesses fail is that they never take any significant action. Reading a free E-book, or even spending hours consuming a high-end internet marketing course, doesn't count as action. Taking affirmative steps towards growing your list and/or promoting your products is the definition of action.

Recently I told you that a successful online business requires four tools -- a domain name, landing page, hosting account, and autoresponder. But my own story is proof that, even with these essential tools, you will accomplish nothing without action.

I hate to admit this, but I will in hopes that it will save you years of frustration. I bought the products. I read them. I even got my domain, hosting and autoresponder. And for an entire year, I paid for a hosting account that hosted nothing, and an autoresponder that had not one lead or one follow-up email in it.

I took in all the great ideas. I set up my work at home based business. And then I took no action. No action towards building my list. No action towards promoting my products. Not surprisingly, no money came my way.

There is no E-book, no home study course, no private coaching, and no live seminar that is going to create a successful online business for you. Taking action is the ONLY way to create success in your work at home online business.

Don't get me wrong, having at least one mentor is an important part of your success. We'll talk about how to choose your mentors in the future. But again, your mentor cannot make you successful. Only you can do that.

Here's what you must do to guarantee that your work at home online business doesn't fall prey to information overload. Determine how much time you have to spend on your business each day. Then divide that time in half. Spend half of your time on learning and half of your time on doing. In general, DO first, and then LEARN. That way, it's okay if you get wrapped up in doing and don't get to the learning part that day. It's NOT okay to get wrapped up in learning and never get to the doing.

Remember, to take action in your work at home based business, you must be directly doing something to build your list or promote your product. Reading about list building doesn't count. Drafting copy for your landing page does. Watching video tutorials about how to choose a product doesn't count. Bookmarking your articles to social media sites does.

So take in all the ideas. With all the great blogs and free E-books these days, ideas truly are a dime a dozen. But remember, you can learn as you go in this business. Any action is better than no action at all. Be unique. Be the person that puts the ideas to use. And before you know it, you will have a successful online business, the lifestyle you want, AND, you will be priceless.

Jennifer Herndon is a work at home mom and home business consultant with over 11 years experience. Jennifer's passion is helping you achieve personal and financial freedom. Read more at Jennifer's Work at Home Millionaire Journey blog. Discover the quickest hands-off method for creating internet marketing success by claiming your free Instant Income Plan report here.

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