Friday, December 5, 2008

3 Tips: Internet Marketing For an Extra Income

3 Tips: Internet Marketing For an Extra Income
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Internet marketing for an extra income is a great way to generate the cash you need, sometimes fairly quickly. The time frame is dependent on what you choose to market and the method in which you decide to handle the tasks. If you need to get paid quickly for example, an affiliate product sale is probably not going to work for you. Most affiliate programs only pay out once a month and sometimes there's a delay for potential refunds.

The following tips can help you get started. There are a vast number of opportunities out there just waiting for you to pursue. It is recommended that you choose to promote a product or products that you have purchased or would purchase yourself. You will find that this will make your job of marketing much more enjoyable. If you believe in the product that enthusiasm carries over to your potential customers.

Tip number one. Research, research, RESEARCH! This is important, regardless of the type of marketing you will be doing. There is no point in wasting your time marketing a product or service that no one is interested in. Obviously, you'll never make any money that way.

It is much wiser to perform upfront research, within your scope of interest, than to begin promoting something that you know little about, or have not taken the time to investigate.

Investigate the product owner if they're not part of an affiliate program like or commission junction. There's no sense having sales that you won't get paid for because the product owner isn't ethical.

Tip number two. Once you have decided on the products and/or services you will be featuring, take advantage of social networks such as Twitter, MySpace and FaceBook. These communities provide a wonderful source of free advertising, of sorts.

These sites all allow you to actively promote your website or blog. As with any other kind of marketing the more people you interact with, the higher your chance of success. Just keep in mind that these are social networks not built in markets you can relentlessly hawk your products at.

Tip number three. Create a simple blog to market your products. Blog posts are recognized and indexed quite quickly by the search engines. Submit your blog to several blog directories and you'll soon see increased traffic.

There are free blog hosts such as or you could buy a domain, get a host, and use as your blog software. If setting up a blog is something that you feel you cannot accomplish on your own, there are many individuals who will do this for a reasonable fee. You also have the option of learning to do this yourself, with the help of online tutorials.

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