Thursday, December 18, 2008

3 Ways To Make Money With Blog Flipping

3 Ways To Make Money With Blog Flipping
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You may have watched television shows where people purchase a house, fix it up, and then turn around and sell it for profit. This is known as flipping a home. Utilizing a similar concept people are now making money online doing blog flipping.

This is a way to make a few hundred dollars a month, or maybe even more. Here are three ways you can make money with blog flipping.

1. Buy an existing blog, spruce it up a little bit and then sell it. One proactive way to do this is to search for blogs on the Internet that are not being kept up to date on a regular basis. This is a sign that the owner may have lost interest in them and could potentially be a profitable business venture for both of you.

2. Build a new blog and add fresh content to it. You may do this with the idea of developing it over one to two months.

Adding an article a day can give you a pretty good amount of content and make it more attractive to your potential buyer. Your whole goal is to make this blog look attractive and to get it indexed with the search engines. Then put it on the market and sell it.

3. Build a new blog, monetize it, add 10 articles to it, and put it up for sale. You can outsource all of the work or do it yourself.

You might outsource setting up the blog with a WordPress theme, and writing fresh content to make your blog unique. Your whole goal here is to quickly put these on the market, and flip them for profit, so you can get on to building the next one.

You can Google search the words "blog flipping" to come up with more detailed information on the steps to do this. One ebook you can buy is the "Blog Flipping Fool" by Thomas C. Gajdjis.

This will take you through from start to finish and teach you how to make money flipping blogs. It is an easy read and written by a guy who makes money flipping blogs himself.

Blog flipping is not going to make you rich, but can be an excellent source of cash flow or a part time income. Like anything on the Internet it will take skills to become good at doing it, but over time it can be a lot of fun and an excellent way to make extra money.

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