Sunday, December 7, 2008

Establish Your Niche Then Create The Products

Establish Your Niche Then Create The Products
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Specialization is the buzz work in today's day and age. Whether you are a new or existing business, if you want your business to succeed, and are looking for a distinct advantage over competition, what you need to do is establish a niche.

So how does one go about identifying and establishing a niche? Let us address the ways we can achieve that!

1. You are your first reference

Ask yourself if you ever wondered at some point in your life, how nice or convenient it would be to have a certain kind of product or service. If such a thought ever crossed your mind, chances are, you were not the only one to think so. There would have been many others who felt the very same need. And here is your chance to do something about it! You are your first point of reference.

2. Listen to your customers

If you are targeting a specific business or have an existing business, try and listen to what the customers have to say about it. Look at different companies and what they have to offer. Look at your competitors and their target market. You are most likely to find a niche when you discover a customer problem that has not been addressed, an area of customer service that has been overlooked or simply, a requirement that no one has been able to fulfill.

3. Research an industry

If you are likely to be inclined towards a specific industry or have existing strengths in a certain domain, do a thorough research on the same. Study past, existing and upcoming market trends. Research the existing offerings in that industry, talk to targeted customer groups etc and see what more you can bring on the table! That is more likely to be your niche offering.

4. Why a niche product or service, find a niche market

If you are already catering to a certain segment and are finding it difficult to sustain your business, you might want to ideally re-visit your product or service and make some changes. But what if you did not have enough financial resources to do so? Well you do not necessarily have to think about a launching a new product or service. Why not think of a new customer segment who will benefit from using your existing portfolio? Try and see what other target markets you can cater to and re-position your products or services!

5. Think out of the box! Get creative!

Niches are not always established in existing consumer groups or by revamping products or services. Necessity is not always the mother of invention either. You do not have to wait for a need to arise to be able to cater to it. Why not fuel your imagination? Get creative, think about the future, look at what makes sense to you. If you believe in a certain out-of-the-box idea and have the ability to convince people about it, you might just have found yourself a niche!

How do niches benefit businesses? Niches address segmented customer requirements. It could be a customer problem that has not been addressed or one that has been simply ignored or overlooked. The quickest way to financial stability for your business is to find that niche and cater to it!

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