Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Long Term Profit From Squidoo

Long Term Profit From Squidoo
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Long term profit from your squidoo is the way to go. Squidoo is one of the most effective marketing ways online. Right there with article marketing and blogging, squidoo has become one of the most well liked tools for endorsement in affiliate marketing.

Squidoo is an online communication of lensmasters. Squidoo members are called lens masters that create content on squidoo via squidoo lenses, one-page information sites that serve to inform people of a certain topic or subject and to point the way, providing links to products, sites or giving product reviews.

Squidoo has a lot of special features, such as member interaction via commenting on lenses, joining relevant groups or rating other members lenses. Squidoo has made promotion of affiliate products and sites very easy. In fact, unlike most sites in online, they welcome affiliate marketers.

One of the best things about squidoo is that the content created on it ranks extremely well in the search engines. It is highly optimized and many lenses to this day have made it to the first page of google and other search engines with virtually no effort beyond making the lens and publishing it. This is probably the most important part of squidoo.

Squidoo lenses give you the ability to rank very high in the search engines for your selected keywords, while giving you the ability to get high quality back links to your site, give your site or blog big exposure. Also, you can make affiliate sales directly from squidoo by providing people info on a certain subject and then directing them to selected products from stores such as amazon and ebay.
If you have your own website, be sure to link to it from your Squidoo lenses and use an anchor text with the targeted keywords that you want your site to compete on in the search engines. This can give a great boost to your site's search engine rankings.

If you want to make a long term profit from them, there are two reasons for this.

First, updating your lens frequently will make it rank higher on squidoo, which gives you credibility as an expert on the given subject. You need to update your lenses at least one per week.

Second, you can track the click through rate and tweak the content to be more appealing. Be sure to choose the name of your lens carefully, as well as the title of your lens. It must be something that gives the visitors a clear view at the lens content.

Squidoo is a powerful asset for you, if you want to make money online. Use it to get the word out about your site and to build your credibility, to create more presence in the search engines and to make sales.

You can struggle or you can start making money on the internet with squidoo. If you are ready let's get started, just click the link below.

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