Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer Part 1

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer Part 1
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If you are greatly considering earning extra cash through affiliate marketing then you must start with having a blog or a website. Now, if you still do not have one, you may want to sign up with any of the free hosting blog networks that are available in the web and create a blog site.

Or better yet, create your own website! There are various websites that can teach you how to create your website for free. But just let me give you a little background on what you will need in creating a website.

First and foremost, you will need a domain name and a web host. The registration process for a domain name is practically the same but the pricing and hosting options are different. You might want to check out WebsitePalacecom, Registercom, NetworkSolutionscom and GoDaddycom and compare the prices and services they offer. The ones mentioned are only few of the web domain registrars available.

It really wouldn't matter which one you register in, the important thing is that you get a domain name that's suitable for your business. But a word of advice, it is important for you not to rush into creating a website without careful planning. You should consider the cost, the skills required, the laws regarding copyrights, and of course taxes.

Once you have registered you domain name, then it's time for you to select a web host. This is necessary in building your web pages. A web host is a space, tools and support provider in creating web pages and email accounts. But take note, it is possible for you to choose a different hosting site besides the one you registered your domain name in.

Again, not all hosting sites offer the same services and costs. You might want to check Powwebcom, HostMonstercom, Inmotionhostingcom, and Globatcom and compare services and costs. Of course, the ones I mentioned are only few of the web hosting sites available.

One of the most important aspects in building your website is the HTML editor. Although most web hosts have their own free website builder, you can also use other software in creating and editing your web pages such as Dreamweaver and CoffeCup.

However, the most reputable web host among webmasters is Site Build It. It features an easy step-by-step process of site building. SBI takes care of everything you'll ever need in creating a site. It even provides HTML templates so even if you have little knowledge on HTML, you can still have that ultimate website for your personal use or web marketing business. Creates Local, National, and International Business Leads for you through internet video, article marketing, follow up marketing, increasing conversion on your website and more.

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